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Empty Cans Into Hanging Baskets

Do you have a baby in the house? Are you filling your recycle bin with empty cans from formula powder? If this describes you, then take a cue from Nike from and put those empty cans to work for you.

Nike used her empty formula cans, but any large can from just about any food product will work for this project. Nike started by punching holes in the bottom of the cans using a screwdriver and a hammer. These will be the drainage holes in the hanging planter. She then painted the cans using some leftover house paint and some craft paint for accents. She even used some vinyl for stick-on decorations to give her pots some extra punch.

Once the cans were coated with a clear spray paint to seal them, they were ready for the plants. A genius idea of hers was to use packing peanuts in the bottom of the cans for drainage and to keep the weight down.

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