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DIY Desk Accessory Marquee Light

Have you noticed that marquee lights are all the rage right now? Many of them are large and make a huge statement but Malissa and Machelle from show us how to make a smaller version that would be perfect as an accessory light on a desk.

The project is simple and can be completed easily in one afternoon. The supplies are also simple and readily available at almost any craft store. Malissa and Machelle explain in detail and with photos how the light is created. The first step is to decide on your word and cut it out of foam board. There is a complete explanation of how to create your word using your computer to select and increase the size of your font. Next, you will poke holes with a mechanical pencil through the foam board where the lights will shine through.

Strips of posterboard are cut and shaped around your word, and finally, the project is painted and miniature lights are poked through the holes.

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