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Easy-Enough-for-Kids Glitter Star Ornaments

Jenny from Renovar Design has started an awesome tradition with her kids of collecting Christmas ornaments that commemorate important life events, interests, and travels so they will have fully decorated AND meaningful Christmas trees of their own one day! Jenny says the tradition is still going strong 16 years later, and this year she got her teenage daughter in on a crafty project making glitter stars inspired by West Elm. These are so simple that even small children could make some!

glitter star christmas ornaments inspired by west elm

The original inspiration came from the Glitter Kraft Star Ornaments from West Elm.

Glitter kraft star ornaments west elm

Go to Renovar Design for the instructions to make your own glitter star ornaments.

Sharing is Caring!


Sunday 14th of December 2014

Beckie, Thanks so much for featuring our project & sharing our tradition with others! Jenny & Kid 1 from Renovar


Monday 15th of December 2014

I love the personal aspect of it, Jenny. Thank you so much for sharing your project with KOD readers.

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