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TV Tray to Campaign Nightstand

LZ of The Summery Umbrella was perusing Wal-Mart trying to come up with a way to make nightstands for her master bedroom on the cheap.

She came across folding TV trays that cost only $10 and thought surely she could do something to pretty them up.

Lo and behold, she found the perfect inspiration in Pottery Barn’s campaign-style bedside table.

LZ had the brilliant idea to build boxes on the top of her tray tables for a very similar look!

DIY Furniture ~ Turn a $10 folding table from Wal-mart into a Pottery Barn knock off campaign style nightstand!

LZ was inspired by the Devon Campaign Bedside Table from Pottery Barn.

Devon Campaign Bedside Table from Pottery Barn

See the complete transformation at The Summery Umbrella.

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