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DIY Tufted Bench Cushion

A DIY sewn cushion with tufts is easier than you think – especially thanks to this awesome tutorial from a creative DIY decor blogger.

Take inspiration from the Farmhouse-style cushion by Ballard Designs and follow the basic steps to create your own.

DIY Tufted Bench Cushion

Tufted Bench Project Background

In the past, I shared a French-style bench Jami and her husband made from a pair of dining chairs. As if it weren’t already drool-worthy enough, Jami added a thick, tufted cushion to the top that she sewed herself.

Jamie says that all you need to make your own cushion for a bench or chair are basic materials and sewing technique. 

She includes her material list and step-by-step instructions at “An Oregon Cottage” to make it as easy for you as possible!


Basic Project Steps

  1. Measure and sew canvas cushion cover
  2. Cover foam with batting and insert into cover
  3. Make French mattress edge
  4. Sew in tufts

Helpful Tips

The materials used for your cushion are obviously important. For the insides you need foam and quilt batting.

Foam pad

High Density Cushion

First, pick up some high-density cushion foam. This will give your cousin its mass and the support for your tushy.

This one comes in a 72″ length, which should be more than enough. You could easily make two smaller cushions with this.

Quilt Batting

Cotton Batting for Quilts Next, is the quilt batting. This goes on top of the foam, making your tufts look really nice.

Get a lightweight, quality one like this to ensure it lies flat consistently around without unsightly wrinkles or poofs.

Canvas Cover

You can take your pick for the cover material. Jami used canvas, and simply used a painter’s drop cloth (Always a good DIY go-to!)

The only catch with a drop cloth is you’re pretty limited to one color (which really isn’t a cover), and it may be hard to keep clean.

Canvas Fabric

Waterproof and Outdoor-rated Colored Canvas Material

You can spend a little bit more and pick up some colored canvas material. This product comes in more than a dozen colors and is perfect for the job.

Whatever kind of fabric or color you go for remember to spray with a protector like Scotch Guard to keep it looking new and clean.

Jami was inspired by the Suzanne Kasler Signature 13oz Linen Farmhouse Cushion from Ballard Designs.

Where to See It

Go to An Oregon Cottage for the full tutorial.

Jami’s full instructions get into a lot of details, especially when it comes to sewing (way to go, Jami!). So have no fear and become a cushion making master!

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