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Farmhouse Buffet with Storage Galore

Today I have another fabulous furniture building project from Jamison at Rogue Engineer. Jamison and his wife Jamie team up on these projects with Jamie finding inspiration online and Jamison whipping up the woodworking plans and then making those plans come to life. This time it was a rustic, farmhouse buffet that caught Jamie’s eye. Here’s what Jamison has to say about it: “I knew it was going to be a bit more involved than she made it sound, but the end result turned out great! We love this piece and I saved you all the struggle and have included the simple step-by-step instructions on how you too can build this farmhouse buffet table inspired by Pottery Barn. Enjoy!”

DIY Farmhouse Buffet

The original inspiration came from the Whitfield Buffet from Pottery Barn.

Whitfield Buffet from Pottery Barn

Get the free building plans for this beautiful farmhouse buffet at Rogue Engineer.

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