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DIY Rustic Shelving Unit

If you’ve ever searched for the ideal rustic looking shelving unit for your house, then you know that it’s almost impossible to find the ideal piece at a reasonable cost. Jess from theruggedrooster found the perfect unit at a pricey home goods store and then made her own version of the shelving.

DIY Rustic Shelving Unit

Jess provides a link to the original plans to construct the unit, and she used these instructions to create the shelving that best suited her needs. For $60 and 6 hours, Jess had the high-end look she wanted in a shelving unit. The printable downloadable free plans are available for the original bookshelf along with a complete list of supplies and tools needed to complete the project.


DIY Rustic Shelving UnitJess stained the unit with a deep brown stain, but this could easily be painted and even distressed if that would suit your decor. This project can also easily be adapted to any size you choose.

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