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DIY Painting A Dresser

Most of us love the look of wood furniture, but sometimes it has been so lovingly worn, the wood is no longer attractive and just looks tired and old.

If you have a piece of furniture that is in this condition, take a look at what Samaa from Honey Sweet Home did to makeover an old wood dresser she found at a thrift store that had seen better years.

Samaa knew she wanted a new look, but she had never been a big fan of black furniture until she painted this piece. The original dresser was solid with a lot of great detail work on it, so she knew she wanted to preserve that.

Because she knew she wanted to replace the hardware, Samaa removed the old and filled in the holes with wood putty and sanded it even. After priming the piece, Samaa painted it a deep onyx color.

One tip we can learn from her is to wait until the paint is completely dry before adding a second coat to ensure even coverage.

Check out her full tutorial for this painting project on her site at: honeysweethome.

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