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DIY Open Shelving

Open shelving can be beautiful in a room if it’s done properly. Kelli and Kristi from lollyjane have created a tutorial on how to build and install turnbuckle open shelves, and the result couldn’t be more attractive.

In their step-by-step tutorial, they give a complete list of supplies needed to duplicate their effort, and the detailed photos enhance the clear instructions. Because the hooks she purchased were black, Kelli spray painted the rest of the hardware black to match the hooks. A U-bolt is attached to the top of the shelves and then the nut was secured to the bottom of the shelf over the bolt. The shelving was then adhered to the wall using hardware that prevents the screws from showing on the front. A clever idea they used was to drill a hole into the wall and drill a 4-inch screw into the back of the shelf.

This process doesn’t add weight to the shelf, but it keeps the shelf secure and prevents it from shifting against the wall.

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