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Mid-Century Bookshelf Building Plans

Erik from Better When Built says that he used to try and save money by buying cheap furniture.

However, he eventually learned it doesn’t save money at all when your furniture doesn’t last and ends up falling apart!

Erik was ready to replace the cheap white particle board bookshelf in his bedroom and discovered a mid-century style shelf from West Elm.

Unfortunately, the dimensions weren’t ideal for the space, and the price tag wasn’t ideal for Erik’s budget!

He knew the only way to upgrade the bookshelf was to make one himself. Erik put a plan together and was able to build a shelf the exact size he wanted at a fraction of the cost!

DIY Furniture ~ West Elm Knock Off Mid-Century Bookshelf {Free Woodworking Plans!}

Erik was inspired by the Mid Century Bookshelf from West Elm.

Mid Century Bookshelf from West Elm

Go to Better When Built for the FREE woodworking plans.

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