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DIY Lamp From Any Vessel

If you’ve ever roamed through a high end (or even a big box) home dec store, you’ve probably noticed how expensive lamps are. If you’ve ever shopped for a lamp, you probably have also noted that most of the lamps available are pretty ho-hum and not really beautiful items unless you have deep pockets in your decorating budget. If this describes your experiences, look at how Melissa from theinspiredroom took an oversized water bottle and created a beautiful and original lamp.

Melissa found her blue glass water jug at the flea market, but she links to several sites where a similar jug can be purchased. She takes us step-by-step through the simple process of fitting the socket and cord to the lamp, giving us several options for this step. Melissa points out that much of what you choose to do will depend on the type of vessel you’re using to create your lamp.

Melissa also explains the different types of shades that would be appropriate for your new lamp.

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