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Create A Wood Mail Rack

Do you find that you always have a clutter of mail, keys, and other bits and pieces of daily living? If this describes you, then take a look at what Kazmataz from instructables built from a few pieces of wood and some magazine holders.

The whole project doesn’t take up much space, so it can be installed on any wall near a door. Mail can be sorted here and keys can find a permanent home so you’ll never be searching for them again. Kazmataz gives us complete instructions and a supply list for this simple project. There is a relatively short supply list, and the instructions are well written. There are ample photos to illustrate the step-by-step directions for the construction of the mail rack.

The only part of the entire process that could be a little tricky is installing the magazine holders underneath the shelves, but a couple of options are given, so even this step is truly manageable.

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