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9 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas


Christmas time is upon us again and the holiday cheer has inspired most of us to put up our Christmas decorations, including our Christmas trees.

However, some of the more crafty families out there have aspired to put together their own Christmas tree, which would be a fun activity to share with their whole family.

We know that you want to find an idea that is easy to execute and to do with family members, which is why we have put together a list of some fun and creative DIY Christmas tree ideas for your family to do together for your home’s Christmas decorations.

1. Lights and Twigs

birch branch christmas tree alternative

This brings a whole new twist to the twigs laying around your backyard.

Take twigs and string it up with ribbon or thin yarn. After this, hang Christmas lights to bring a whimsical charm to this decoration.

You can do this tree with your younger children because it is safe and easy.

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2. Rustic Chair Spindle Tree


This take is definitely easy if you have small children that are enthusiastic to help their parents pick out a tree.

If you have old furniture that has spindle-like posts, then you can repurpose these posts as the body of the Christmas tree.

Laying the spindles down and arranging them into a triangle shape will make it easy for you to see how to cut them.

When you lay them onto a board, it becomes easy to hang them up on the wall.

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3. Egg Carton Christmas Tree


This is perfect if you have collected a lot of egg cartons. The fun thing about this idea is that you can paint the carton to your liking.

This is great to do with your kids because it requires a lot of creativity to produce nice results.

Picking the right kind of color theme will change how your living room looks on Christmas day.

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4. Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

This would be a great twist to saving the environment. Plastic takes much longer to decompose than other materials, which is why it’s always best to repurpose them.

Taking this idea is great for moms that want to make a change in the world.

Aside from that, you can enjoy not using too dangerous materials because you cut the spoon heads of their handles, and layer them into a nice Christmas tree shape.

Painting the spoons also give them this rustic vibe, which is ideal for those of you that don’t enjoy the flashy theme.

Another thing is, the tree is small enough to keep it on a table so you don’t have to worry about the storage of the tree.

How you paint the plastic spoons can change the vibe of your living room’s Christmas decorations.

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5. Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

If you want to repurpose an old wooden bed frame, then this is a great idea.

With a little paint and a lot of good intention, you can create a crafty little pallet wood tree to add a whimsical vibe to your living room.

For this Christmas tree, you will need pallet wood, mod podge, napkins, and some paint.

You can decorate this with anything you fancy and have your kids try their own hand at it.

With this, it’s quite rustic and fun because it’s simply magical.

Lots of these designs are pretty versatile and you can enjoy the trees while being able to store it easily.

It’s also less mess which makes it much easier than getting a traditional tree.

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6. Beer Drinker’s Christmas Tree

When it comes to drinking beer, sometimes its tedious to just take it back.

With this idea, you can recycle your old beer bottles into a tree to make for a fun Christmas decoration!

Simply stack the bottles in a pyramid form, and secure it with glue to keep the bottles together.

Once you’re happy with how the bottles are laid out, you can design your bottle tree with any ornament suitable.

Aside from that, you can also repurpose the bottle caps to decorate the tree.

If you choose to go with bottles that are not colored-green, then you can jazz up the tree design with fairy lights and rhinestones.

You can also use the bottle caps to be the star on top of the tree.

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7. Metallic Shell Christmas Tree

Have you ever just sat by the beach, listening to the soft waves, as their sounds caressed you to quiet peace?

However, when Christmas comes along, there is a harsh breeze that seems difficult to sit by the beach.

With this idea, you can take the idyllic vibe of the beach to your house on Christmas!

Take about 3 bags of seashells, metallic-finish spray cans, 3 starfish, and various paper mache cone sizes. You put all of these together with some hot glue gun.

In this idea, the starfish serves as the stars on top of the tree. Using different colors of metallic spray cans give you a different vibe for each tree.

This is a great way to keep the beach close to you, even in the harsh weather.


8. Balloon Christmas Tree

This is a really fun tree to put together with your kids because of how easy it is to put together. Take 2 packs of balloons and inflate them into globular shapes.

You can use it as an advent calendar as well and pop the balloons as the days come.

Put ornament hangers on the top of the balloons to be able to have something to secure the balloons on the wood.

Secure the ornament hangers with glue to the pieces of wood to give your Christmas tree a hanging effect.

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9. Ornament Tree

Sometimes the most fun part of decorating the tree is hanging the ornaments. The magic and whimsy it can bring are one of the best to recreate.

Although this idea requires some handiness, you can achieve some creative results.

Doing this with your kids may take some instruction and supervision because it requires using some tools.

This will require 5-foot chains, a steamer rack, basic ornament hooks, non-stretchy monofilament jewelry string, and a 100 small ornaments.

The layout of the ornaments can be achieved with the steamer rack to plot how the ornaments will hang.

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Key Takeaways

Christmas is a magical holiday that brings people together. Unfortunately for some, they aren’t able to come home for the holidays.

However, they can feel the spirit of Christmas trees with these DIY ideas.

Taking the time to enjoy the magic of Christmas decorations gives you and your family a chance to bond and to learn how to work together.

Everyone knows that decorating can be a challenge. Especially when you have small children.

If you take the time to instruct them on how to do things, you can be sure that they’ll be fine.

The magic of Christmas always allows you to see the more positive days in your life.

If you know someone that is having a difficult time during the holidays, invite them to create a non-conventional tree.

We hope that you enjoy our roundup of the best DIY Christmas tree ideas for your homes.

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