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Balustrade Coffee Table

Jeanette from Snazzy Little Things had been wanting to take her woodworking skills up a notch and was able to do just that with the help of the folks over at Osborne Wood.

The company created legs specifically for a coffee table Jeanette wanted to build that was inspired by Restoration Hardware.

Jeanette shares the free plans for this gorgeous table and the two steps she took to achieve the weathered gray finish.

Would you believe this was Jeanette’s first build?!?

DIY Furniture ~ Restoration Hardware Knock Off Coffee Table with FREE Woodworking Plans

Jeanette was inspired by the Monastery Coffee Table from Restoration Hardware.

Monastery Coffee Table from Restoration Hardware

Get the free woodworking plans as well as more information about those beautiful wood legs at Snazzy Little Things.

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Friday 19th of February 2016

Thats awesome, looks like it came straight from the store!


Monday 22nd of February 2016

I know! Jeanette did an amazing job!

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