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Five Uses For Decorative Trays

Decorative trays are one of the newest home design trends. These trays can sit on an ottoman, a coffee table, a side table, and even on a couch back table.

Deciding where you want to place the tray, as well as which type of tray to use, are just half of the battle.

Once you’ve found ones that match your decor and look great in your living space, the next step is to decorate them appropriately.


Blue tray on coffee table

A blue tray on a coffee table  Style Motivation

This tray is a lacquered blue color that goes well with the patterned chair on the other side of the room.

The flower pot on the table near the tray is also a blue green color that’s complimentary to the entire space as well.

The tray here has been decorated with white ceramic pieces, including a teapot, a cream holder, and two sugar bowls, one with a lid, the other with a matching spoon.

The result is a tea party in progress, treats ready for a visitor, or just a whimsical decoration meant to add some ambiance to the room.

Sunflowers in a vase.

Sunflowers sit on a tray that matches the wood coffee table. Style Motivation

The dark wood coffee table matches the tray that sits on top of it.

The two almost seem to blend together. Since the top of the table is padded, it can double as a space to sit or relax, making it very useful. The items in the tray go well with the decor in the room.

The vase blends with the tray and the table, and the color of the sunflowers matches the couch pillows.

Color is added with the red case.

A bright red case sitting on a tray adds some color to the room. Style Motivation

This tray was designed to stand out, or, at least, the red case on it was.

Although the color of the tray matches the chairs that sit across from the table, the items on it pop out at the viewer, thanks to the yellow flowers and the aforementioned case.

The candle holder, on the other hand, matches everything else in the room.

A dark tray sits on a padded ottoman.

A dark tray matches the couch and its surroundings. Style Motivation

Trays don’t need to sit on coffee tables – they also work on padded ottomans.

The best part about this is that fact that the tray – and everything on it  – can be moved easily in order to provide additional seating or even a place to put your feet.

Pay attention to the way in which the shape of the tray and everything on it echoes the lines of the couch’s arms and the side tables.

Light colored tray.

A light tray in a light colored room blends in nicely. Style Motivation

The pattern on the side of this tray matches the padded ottoman that it’s sitting on, making it blend into the space.

Since it’s topped with both complimentary metallic shades, as well as a blue vase (that matched the couch pillows and chair pattern), as well as some orange flowers, it adds some color to the room, without becoming overwhelming.

As you can see, large trays are not only decorative, they are also useful.

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