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Decorative Horse Weather Vane

Tracy from Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures isn’t a western gal but appreciates the beauty of horses. Ready for a little change, she created her own horse weather vane for free using cardstock, wooden skewers, and a paint mix stick. Tracy’s version looks almost identical to Ballard’s inspiration piece. I love its placement atop those vintage books.


Tracy was inspired by the Horse Weather Vane from Ballard Designs.

Check out the tutorial at Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures.

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Friday 2nd of September 2011

hey beckie!!

wow, nice decoration,my mom will really love this,she's been collecting a lot of horse decoration, i don't know whats on a horse but she really love collecting this stuffs, thank you for posting this, anways have you seen this site? Home Decor Stores!

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