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Creative Bathroom Organization with Mason Jars


Sometimes you need a little more organization in your bathroom than the linen closet, vanity, and medicine cabinet can provide.

Casey and Briget from The DIY Playbook thought so when they started creating clever storage solutions using mason jars.

Mason jars placed on a custom holder are one creative solution for this problem that are both easy to make and complimentary to your bathroom decor.

Mason Jar Organizers In A Bathroom

This mason jar organizing system is customizable. Picture from The DIY Playbook

The best thing about these types of systems are their customized features.

Since you’re making the entire thing from scratch, you get to choose the amount of jars, the color of the wooden board that supports them, and even whether or not you want to label the jars to match the system that you’ve devised.


Before you start to make your mason jar bathroom organizer, you’ll first need to gather your supplies and think through how many jars you’ll need.

Supplies for this job include a wooden board, paint or stain, mason jars (with or without lids), hose clamps (which will keep the jars in place), paint brushes or sponges, a drill and corresponding drill bits, a stud finder, a hammer, and brackets.

These hose clamps will attach the jars to the board.

These hose clamps will attach the jars to the board.Picture from The DIY Playbook

Start by painting or staining the board. This needs to be done first, since you won’t be able to paint around the clamps and jars once they’re attached.

Well, you could, if that’s the look that you’re going for. However, in order to this to be done properly, you’ll need to take care of board’s color first.

Once it dries, then you can move on to the next step – attaching everything.

Staining the board is the first step.

Staining the board is the first step.Picture from The DIY Playbook

Next, you’ll need to attach the clamps to the board. You have a few choices here – you can either measure out where the clamps will go in order to place them evenly, or stagger them in a diagonal from one side of the board to the other.

You can even place them so that they alternate heights.

This depends on the amount of space that you have and the final look that you’re going for. You also want to keep in mind that the clamps will hold the jars towards their tops, with the rest of the jar visible below.

Once you have the clamps attached, the next step is to hang the board on the wall. This is where the brackets come into play.

It needs to be hung on the wall securely, since the jars will most likely crack or even shatter if the entire thing should fall.

You can vary the contents of your mason jar storage space.

You can vary the contents of your mason jar storage space.Picture from The DIY Playbook

Once you’ve hung the board, place your mason jars in the clamps and secure them.

You can use the jar’s lids to keep things like dust and moisture out, or leave them open.

You don’t even have to place bathroom implements in them – feel free to turn one of the jars into a cute vase to add some freshness to the room.

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