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Craft Organizer From Jewelry Cabinet

Organizing a craft room can be a real challenge, especially when you find that you have so many small parts that need a home and will still be readily available when you need them. When Serena from thriftdiving found an old jewelry cabinet at a thrift store, she realized she had stumbled upon the solution to her craft organizational problems.

After the story of how she purchased the cabinet and took it home, Serena explains the painting process as well as the steps she used to refinish the knobs on the cabinet. Then, the best part of her tutorial comes with her explanation of how she applied the beautiful stencil. The stencil perfection was the result of her removing all the drawers, placing them side by side on the floor, and then stenciling over all of them together.

This created an elegant touch to the cabinet, and her technique ensured it came out perfectly.

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