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Country Cottage Charm Washboard Photo Frame

Thank goodness for modern convenience. Imagine how our DIY lifestyle would be altered by having to wash clothes by hand. It consumed so much time for our grandmothers, not to mention what it did to their nails. Horrible! Sarah from Sadie Seasongoods shares her flea market vintage washboard transformation.

Although it was slightly damaged, Sarah restored the piece with some basic items, and put it back into service. The washboard section was gone, so she took some chicken wire and attached it to the washboard. With some oil conditioner the washboard reclaimed its attractive, old fashioned appearance.

Adding some tiny clothespins and pictures makes this a must have item in a country decor. Instead of pictures, you may hang mixed media items, or even miniature quilts. Though we are lucky to have modern conveniences, the nostalgia of years gone by will never be lost on this charming vintage washboard.

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