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11 House Warming Christmas Decorations for Walls

Christmas is a time for magic and whimsy. Decorating your walls is one of the most important steps in feeling the Christmas spirit. However, it’s not always fun to just buy pre-made decorations.

Sometimes the best way to boost bonding is by doing the decorations with your family. Although it’s not always easy, as some people say, “teamwork makes the dream work.” Take the time to teach your kids arts and crafts.

Eventually, your children will be able to appreciate the time you spent together in their youth. Most of these decorations can be done easily, and with the usage of tools, keep supervision over your children. That’s why we put together the list of best Christmas decorations for walls.

List of the Best Decorations:

1. Rustic Red Ribbon Wall Art

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This is one of the easiest decorations to do because it requires the least amount of tools. Taking some screws and a whole roll of red ribbon. Of course, you can also use green ribbons to change up the vibe.

You can spread holiday cheer with this simple design. If you have pallet wood lying around, sketch an outline of the star and place the screws.

2. Strung up Advent Calendar

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Love the idea of counting down to Christmas? Using this DIY advent calendar makes it fun for your kids because of the design of the days. You can hide small prizes or chocolates in the pouches to make everyday fun.

You can easily hand sew the small pouches and have the numbers silk-screened onto the pouches. You can teach your child how to sew with this.

3. Bright Holiday Wall Art

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This is a simple idea that can be created with very few tools. Make sure to cut out the letters on your own to avoid any accidents involving the exact knife with your children.

This design can easily be done with scotch tape, foam backers, and a little paint.

It’s very simple, and low cost, which is why we enjoy it as a DIY Christmas decoration.

4. DIY Christmas Wall Art

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This is another simple DIY Christmas decoration that you can get by printing out the template. You can hang it up by placing it in red picture frames. This is easy to do, and ideal if you want a hassle-free DIY.

You can also do this if you want minimalist designs because it’s easy to put up and even easier to take down and store away.

5. Pom-pom Garlands

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This is a simple, yet very elegant Christmas decoration idea that you can pull off with minimum effort. Aside from that, you can use this decoration for other events as well. You can recycle it for parties or as a charming room decoration.

Even the simplest designs can be more than buying loads of decorations. The versatility of this decoration is fun and very rustic too.

6. Fabric Snowflakes

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If you enjoy the whimsy of magical snowflakes, then you may enjoy this next idea. The snowflakes are easy to put together, and all you need is a good bonding glue.

The colors of the fabric you use depend on your preference and you can always make different colored fabrics to provide different variations.

Lots of times, it’s always nice to have these hanging around you.

7. Bleached Pinecone and Cranberry Garland

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This is great if you have a lot of pinecones and cranberries in your backyard. It’s beautiful and simple, and you can easily get supplies if you live near pine trees.

You may prefer to do this idea on your own because it requires some needlework.

The problem with this idea is that you cannot preserve the cranberries long and cannot reuse them for other Christmases.

8. ‘Joy’ Ornament Design

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This is a fun idea if you want to take a different twist on the classic song ‘Joy to the World.’ With this, you can purchase cardboard letters from your local craft store and paint them in green or red.

For the ‘O,’ purchase a wreath base and decorate it with standard-sized Christmas ornaments.

This can be a fun activity to do when you’re snowed in.

9. Wooden Snowflakes Decor

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This is another twist to the snowflake decoration. This idea may take some configuration, which you can turn into something to do if it’s too cold to go outside.

With some popsicle sticks and glue, you can create your own versions of unique snowflakes.

You can do this idea with your kids and help them come up with different shapes of snowflakes, let imagination run wild.

10. Cluster of Stars

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If you don’t want to go with snowflakes, then you can always use stars. Using some styrofoam or stiff cardboard, cut out the shape of stars.

When doing this with your kids, make sure you are around in the process of cutting out the stars.

The nice thing about this is that you can decorate the stars any way you want to or stick to white.

11. Fuzzy ‘JOY’ Letters

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Another twist to the classic ‘Joy’ decoration is producing it in fuzzy cloth. If you are a fur parent then you can enjoy this decoration.

Taking some cardboard letters from your craft store, buy some fur cloth and cut two cloths in the shape of the letters. Remember to leave some space for adjustment for when you attach the cloth together.

This is fun for weekends.


Christmas is a time for magic and whimsy. Often it includes some cold days and thick snow, so why not take the time to decorate your house? This season, try something new instead of just buying Christmas decorations. You might even enjoy it more if you try it with your family.

You should take every vacation day as an opportunity to learn something new. There’s nothing quite like decorating, and if you do it yourself, it’s definitely more fun. If you are used to buying your Christmas decorations, then it would be fun for you to make them on your own.

It may take more time and it’s more difficult, but it’s always fun when you learn some new skills.

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