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Build Your Own Floating Nightstand

Most of us have a real need for a nightstand beside our bed, but most nightstands that are available do not have much out of sight storage space so the area around the bed is often cluttered with objects best kept hidden.

Build Your Own Floating NightstandJen from jenwoodhouse and her guest Angie give us the ideal solution by showing us how to create a floating nightstand with two drawers. The real bonus to this project is that besides being wonderfully functional, it is really a beautiful piece of furniture. They provide us with a complete list of tools, supplies and a cut list for each section of wood. The hardware and fasteners they used are also noted in the instructions. The complete instructions for this project are given side-by-side with detailed photos showing all steps in the process of creating this project.

Build Your Own Floating Nightstand

Angie used a dark stain followed by a protective coating of wax to complete the building, and then she attached the nightstand to the wall using screws secured to the studs in the wall.

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