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Anthropologie Inspired Corn Husk Wreath

If you are getting ready to bust our your fall decor, maybe you are already thinking about your first fall wreath.

If you want to have a beautiful wreath that isn’t too much fall too soon, look no further than this DIY corn husk wreath, inspired by Anthropologie.

Doreen from Hymns and Verses made her corn husk wreath by repurposing a twig wreath base and using a package of corn husks from the grocery store. A

few hours watching her favorite show, and voila- a beautiful wreath that is just enough to celebrate the beginning of fall.

This is Doreen’s finished corn husk wreath.

h and v wreath

This is the Anthropologie original design. No longer available, but it originally retailed for $58.

anthro wreath

Head over to Hymns and Verses to learn how to make your own corn husk wreath!

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