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8 Unique Fire Pits to Transform Your Backyard


Autumn brings along warm, sunny days, and crisp, clear nights, which are best enjoyed beside a firepit.

I have such sweet memories around my backyard fire pit…s’mores and wine on the warm evenings, and hot chocolate, banana boats, and spiced tea on the cold nights. In many ways, it feels like camping!

Summer cookouts and Fall campfires are a great way to hang out with your friends while enjoying your fire pit!

A fire pit is the perfect place to gather a crowd. The fire is inviting. The shape is optimal for a group. The ambiance means you’ll never want to leave!

I have a traditional fire pit “disc”, but don’t let the average option be the end of your limits. With a bit of craftiness, you can create the ultimate fire pit for your back yard.

Check out these creative DIY firepits!

1. Traditional Ring

This tradition fire pit in is a circular shape, easy to make, and low in budget. It consists of an interior metal ring surrounded by curved stones.

The stones provide a place to set your s’more ingredients, or even to sit a few bottoms on (but be careful of whimsical embers flying in the wind!).

When this fire pit isn’t in use, cover it with a circular board to create a backyard table.

2. Traditional Tractor Wheel

Similar to #1, this fire pit in in a traditional circular shape with a core of metal surrounded by stones. However, this isn’t any old metal cylinder…it’s an old tractor wheel!

If you happen to live on a farm or nearby a vintage farm shop, search for one of these unique wheels to give your fire pit some style! (Make sure the paint is heat resistant, or cover with something like this Rustoleum High Heat Spray Paint.)

from handimania
from handimania

3. Tractor Wheel Upcycle

Here’s another take on a fire pit using a tractor wheel. Instead of setting it in a base of stone, this DIY-er painted the outside.

This means you can personalize this fire pit to your personal style or backyard design.

Want a pop of color? Go for it. Prefer it to blend in with your garden? Brown and green are excellent options, too!

4. Mosaic Fire Pit

Imagine how the flickering flames will reflect off of these colorful tiles! This DIY is perfect for everyone, whether you already own the best fire pit or are in the process of buying/making one.

Adding a mosaic design to the exterior of your fire pit adds style, class, and a customized design to your liking. Blue and white tiles could offer a cool Mediterranean feel while yellow and blue would create an awesome beachy-vibe.

from 3-peppers recipes

from 3-peppers recipes

5. Tree Ring Fire Pit

This idea is brilliant! Stack up concentric tree rings to design your fire pit. These stones are already curved and come in a variety of diameters.

Simply pick up the shape and color of your choice in 2 sizes, then stack together. Fill in between with loose rocks. That’s it!

6. Washing Machine Drum Turned Fire Pit

How many of you are already saying to yourself, “Oh man! I wish I knew this before I trashed my old washer!”? Yeah…me too!

This simple idea is the perfect solution for a fire pit. It’s a metal drum, so it’s fire safe. And it has tiny holes in it, which looks awesome when a fire is brewing inside!

Now I bet you’re questioning the lifetime of your current washer…head to your local junkyard and see if you can salvage one for free!

7. Concrete Fire Saucer

This fire pit saucer looks on the traditional side, but it’s made from concrete! It’s design offers an earthy-modern look, which blends perfectly with the dancing flames of a backyard fire. Best of all, it’s an easy DIY project!

8. The Ultimate Fire Pit and Grill Combo

Caution: This is a big project! But, I have a feeling it is more than worth the effort. This six-sided fire pit doubles as a grill and table.

You can roast hot dogs and s’mores at the same time! You can customize the design to be built low, like a typical fire pit, or higher, like the height of a table. One thing is for sure: this is awesome!


ethanol fire table

Big or small, metal or concrete, round or square (or hexagonal!), fire pits are an excellent addition to every backyard. Invite your friends over to grill some hot dogs.

Allow the kids to roast marshmallow. Listen to the crickets chirp as you star gaze.

Or wow your guests with the addition of an ethanol fire table; a design that is visually appealing as well as practical.

Get ready for a little bit of DIY, and then a lot of time to relax beside your new fire pit!

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