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10 Stunning Ways to Decorate Your Home With Vintage Ladders

I bet that your great-great-grandfather had a variety of ladders on his farm to reach the upper barn, fruit trees, and roofs.

If he was crafty, there’s a chance he crafted those ladders himself, or at least bought them from a local chap who made them by hand.

You probably have one of two ladders in your garage, too.

I have a metal one that extends double in length to reach the top of our roof, an old wooden one that used to be my grandfathers (and it’s my favorite ladder to use!), plus a medium sized step stool.

But I’ve started to notice that people are pulling old ladders out from the depths of dust and cobwebs in their garage and using them as a design piece in their home.

From trash to treasure (more like from haystack to house!)

But what to do with a random ladder inside your home?

The ideas are endless for bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and even closets. Storage, decorating, and lighting – ladders have a unique manner of blending well into any room!

ladder  |  noun  |  lad·der  |  \’la-dər\

A device used for climbing up or down that consists of two long sidepieces of metal, wood, or rope that are joined with a series of steps or rungs.

1. Ladder Shelf

Turn a ladder sideways and hang on a wall. Instant display shelf! And the space between the rungs is the perfect size for photo frames.

This ladder would look great with the seasons: wrap the wood in Autumn leaves or Spring flowers.


2. Ladder Bookshelf

Ladder rungs are naturally deep enough to fit a foot, which means they are large enough to balance a book!

The mismatched miles and wonky angles of books make this piece an instant hit for those who aren’t looking for a perfectly symmetrical bookshelf.


3. Ladder Game Shelf

Lengthen the rungs and attach to the wall. Now your ladder has turned into a book games shelf!

Most ladders are the perfect width to hold a big game box, and an opportune height to fit most of your game collection.


4. Ladder Shoe Organizer

Who would have thought that a ladder makes the perfect organizer for high heels and scarfs? Any closet, no matter the size, typically offers a tall, narrow spot fit for a ladder. String high heels, scarfs, headbands, belts, ties, or jewelry across the rungs.

No closet?

This may be one of the best, most unique, and design savvy solutions to display your accessories in your bedroom!


5. Laundry Ladder

I first saw this at a friend’s house in London. And it immediately went on my To-Do list! Anchoring hooks into the ceiling and stringing up the ladder up couldn’t be more simple.

Now you can hang clothing to dry across the rungs or from hangers.

Hang it anywhere in your laundry room because it hangs above your heads


6. Lantern Ladder Light

Indoors or outdoors, your dining room will have tranquil ambiance and cozy lighting with lanterns strung from a rustic ladder.

Choose your size and shape of lanterns and candles that fit your room and the season best. Hang your ladder with rope to feel more country, or opt for chains to make it modern.



7. Ladder Headboard Canopy

Another creative way to hang a ladder from the ceiling! Dangle it above your headboard and swag a few curtains from the sides to close in your bed with a romantic canopy.


8. Ladder Pot Rack

Wanting for additional storage space in your kitchen? Look up! Hanging a ladder creates instant space to hang pots, pans, and utensils. Bolt the ladder securely to your ceiling and hang S hooks from the rungs.


9. Ladder Quilt Rack

No work required. Ease your ladder against the wall and drape lovely patterned quilts across the steps. It doubles as a functional storage unit and a beautiful piece of decor.


10. Ladder Towel Rack

Small bathrooms make it tricky to properly hang and dry damp towels. Bars and rings work fine, but a leaned ladder works even better.

There are multiple racks to hang numerous towels, and the tilted angle means they all hang down separate from one another to fully dry.

Behind the door or next to the vanity offer the right amount of space for your ladder towel rack.


Go hunting through your garage, call up your grandparents, adventure to estate sales, or visit your neighborhood resale shop to find the perfect ladder for your needs.

Hang it up or lean it against the wall for storage, function, and design. Where is the best spot in your home for a ladder?

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Wednesday 5th of October 2016

I love all of these! I did a similar post on my blog too!


Tuesday 27th of September 2016

AL the ideas are really great! I especially like the laundry room ladder and the ladder used like a shelf to put pictures & knick-knacks

Linda at Mixed Kreations

Sunday 25th of September 2016

Love these ideas! I've been wanting an old wooden ladder for my crocheted Afghans. Love the pot rack and the bed canopy, cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

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