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Rustic Wood Wall Stars

wooden wall stars

When Jamie from That’s My Letter wanted to create wooden wall stars like those from Pottery Barn, she turned to Jamison at Rogue Engineer to figure out the angles for a perfect five-point star.

Jamison had no problem tackling the technical side of this project and drew up the free project plans for Jamie.

Pottery Barn charges $129 for a pair of their rustic Milled Log Stars. Jaime’s stars? A whopping $4 a piece! Talk about some serious savings!

DIY Home Decor Wooden Stars

The original inspiration came from Pottery Barn’s Milled Log Stars.

The one’s at Pottery Barn are no longer available anyway. So, more than ever it’s time to create your version from this lovely tutorial.

Check out Jaime’s build at That’s My Letter and get the project plans at Rogue Engineer.

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