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Products We Love: Colorful Designer Bedding from Vaulia

If you are like us (which I’m sure you are!), you scour Pinterest for inspiration on how to decorate your home with your own personal flair.

Often we find awesome project posts or DIYable décor for the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

When it comes to the bedroom though, we mostly find beautiful inspiration images of our dream bedroom.


Whether you love sleek solids, modern stripes, feminine florals, or bold and colorful prints, you want your own personal style to be showcased in your bedroom.

After all, it is the place that you spend some of your most valuable time!


Some of what you see in your inspiration bedrooms can be DIYed- fun pillows, designer lamps, or unique wall art can be created with your own two hands.

All of this gives a personal touch to your space, making it feel more homey than run-of-the mill art.


Sheets, throw blankets, and duvet covers are usually beyond the reach of the average DIYer, and are typically better left to the professionals.

Since the bed is often the largest piece of furniture in the room, it makes the most sense to treat it as an oversized piece of art.

It is just as important as the art on your walls or the vases on your shelves!


The duvet cover sets at Vaulia come in an amazing variety of styles to really showcase your personal flair.

With bold prints, sleek solids, and pretty florals, you can find a set that really speaks to you and your personal taste.

Let the bed take center stage with a duvet cover that ties the whole room together.


Most lightweight bed cover with unique and bold prints can retail for over $200, and even if you can find them on clearance they often aren’t the right size or the perfect color.

With Vaulia, you can order right from your Amazon account for free shipping and prices under $40! Its the next best thing since DIY.


Which print would you choose for your bedroom?

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