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Horse Triptych Chalk Art

Follow this Pottery Barn inspired chalk art project and tap into your artistic side. It’ll be the talking piece of your living room.

What is a Triptych? It’s just the name given to a series of three partial images that make up a whole one when put together – a mini-puzzle that doesn’t come together completely.

This piece is dramatic artwork that isn’t over the top. It may seem hard, but follow these steps and tips and you’ll amaze even yourself!

Horse Triptych Artwork Pin

Project Summary

Pottery Barn’s Planked Horse Triptych is a beautiful sketch done in black and white on wood planks.

Angie of The Altered Past simulated the project using three artist canvases that she had on hand, flat black latex paint,  and chalk.

While Angie says you need to have some drawing skill for this project, you could definitely pull out the projector if you’re lacking in the artistry department.

The cost for Angie was just $12 for the three canvases, but it could easily be done cheaper on wood planks if you already have them on hand. How amazing is this?!?

pottery barn inspired horse triptych wall art

The name “triptych” is strange at first if you’re not familiar. But the concept of it doesn’t get much simpler. It’s pronounced “trip-tick.”

Here’s a classic example, with three images stacked instead of side-by-side like the featured horse chalk art.


Triptych Example


Project Tips

Don’t forget to finish off with a very light coat of clear coat finish. Protect your masterpiece…or change up your triptych art later on.

You have forever canvases since they’re erasable!

Angie was inspired by the Horse Planked Triptych from Pottery Barn.


horse planked triptych

Angie shows exactly how she recreated this stunning horse art at The Altered Past.

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Wednesday 24th of September 2014

This is AMAZING!! Love it!!!


Wednesday 24th of September 2014

Thanks Lisa!

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