Horse Chalk Art Triptych

Pottery Barn’s Planked Horse Triptych is a beautiful sketch done in black and white on wood planks. Angie of The Altered Past simulated the project using three artist canvases that she had on hand, flat black latex paint,  and chalk. While Angie says you need to have some drawing skill for this project, you could […Read More]

Thrift Store Find to Subway Sign Chalk Art

If you are one to frequently change out décor, you can’t beat chalk art. Jami from An Oregon Cottage found a piece of framed pressboard artwork from the thrift store and used paint to turn it into a chalkboard. She then used her tried-and-true chalk transfer method to draw a subway sign like those sold at Restoration Hardware. Before sporting this train sign, Jami’s chalkboard made an appearance in her Christmas gallery wall. And guess what? When she’s had her fill of the subway sign art, she can simply wipe it away and draw something new!

subway sign chalk art

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Silent Night Chalkboard Wall Art

Kristen from Inspired Whims loved a “chalkboard-esque” Christmas pillow from Pottery Barn, but couldn’t splurge on it with all the other looming expenses of the holidays. It inspired Kristen’s inner artist, and she decided to recreate the look with an old canvas she had picked up off the side of the road. A little chalkboard paint and some fancy free-handing were all it took!

christmas chalkboard canvas

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“Peace on Earth” Wreath with Chalk Art

While catalogs provide plenty of eye candy for us to oh and ah over, they are also fabulous resources for styling our homes. Sometimes we can create a similar look using items we already have just by simply moving them around. A perfect example is this holiday vignette created by Kathleen of Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}. Kathleen paired her holiday wreath with a DIY chalkboard she’d previously made to create this clever “Peace on Earth” vignette. It didn’t cost her a penny, and Kathleen can thank the brilliant stylists from Ballard!

peace on earth wreath

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DIY Chalkboard with Halloween Chalk Art

Last Halloween, one of Pottery Barn’s fabulous Halloween vignettes, specifically a large chalkboard, caught the eye of Julie from Lilacs and Longhorns. Julie knew she could easily make her own chalkboard and replicate the spooky chalk art to boot. An open back frame, hardboard, and chalkboard paint made creating the chalkboard a breeze. As far as the spooky Halloween script, Julie says, “It was very, very easy…if you can draw a line, you can copy this font.” Sounds like my kind of art!

halloween chalkboard

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Chalkboard Window

When Eva from River Cliff Cottage spied Pottery Barn’s chalkboard window, she set out to make her own using what she had on hand – an old window, chalkboard paint, and  chalkboard ink. Eva gave the glass a chalkboard finish and then decked it out for the holidays. Chalk art provides a great platform for those who like to frequently change up their décor and give it a seasonal spin.

chalkboard window

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Chalkboard Dresser

This dresser from Connie at Sensible Redesign takes chalk art to a whole new level! After being inspired to make over an entire dresser with chalkboard paint, Connie added some festivity with chalk drawings similar to those seen in RH Baby & Child’s holiday catalog. This is a fun and easy way to change out your décor with the seasons or just when you are in the mood for something new.

chalkboard dresser

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Chalkboard Art

Kristen at Ella Claire has long been an admirer of Dana Tanamachi and her amazing chalkboard art. Here’s what Kristen has to say: “It is absolutely incredible what she can do with chalk! Well, I am far from being an artist of her caliber, so I have figured out how to {easily} create a simplified […Read More]