How to Cover Books with Paper in Anthropologie Style

Jenna Grace received a copy of Wuthering Heights from Anthropologie as a gift a few years ago. She loved the beautiful cover that had vintage artwork and hand lettering and decided to recover some of her books with pretty patterned paper to make a set. Jenna walks you through all the steps if you’ve never […Read More]

Glitter Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Katie from The Homespun Hydrangea has been loving Anthropologie’s new holiday collection, especially their Ombre Bottle Brush Trees. However, at $24 a piece they weren’t making it into her shopping cart! Katie says she wasn’t going to let her “measly budget” defeat her and recreated the sparkly trees by bleaching green bottle brush trees from […Read More]

Mason Jar Snow Globe

A couple of years ago Anthropologie sold mason jar snow globes that were insanely popular and knocked off by crafters and DIYers a plenty. The Sassy Life was smitten herself but certainly wasn’t paying $20-$40 for a mason jar! She was inspired to make her own and was pleased to find it was incredibly simple. […Read More]

Homemade Notebook Paper Gift Tags

Do you love making your own gift tags for the holidays? Bev from Flamingo Toes shares a simple tutorial for making these Anthropologie knock off gift tags that resemble notebook paper. They’re so easy in fact that Bev calls them “the Easiest. Knockoff. Ever.” She whipped them up in only 20 minutes by printing the […Read More]

FREE Printable Christmas Village

Alice of Thoughts from Alice was shopping at Anthropologie last year when she came across a gorgeous ceramic Christmas village. She loved the illustrated style and was inspired to create her own village out of a more affordable material – paper! You all… I do not kid when I say Alice is an incredibly talented […Read More]

Metallic Leaf and Feather Wreath

During last year’s holiday shopping, Jen from Elevate-Everyday couldn’t help but sneak into Anthropologie. She noticed that feathers were a common theme in their lovely décor and was particularly smitten with a metallic wreath. However, the $138 price tag made it completely off limits! Jen hit up the craft store to recreate the wreath, layering […Read More]

Gold Edge Agate Coasters

Every time Jamie from Totally the Bomb walked through Anthropologie, she couldn’t help but gaze at their gorgeous agate coasters… that cost $98 for a set of four. Ouch! Jamie decided to search around at other stores but had no luck finding agate coasters at a more reasonable price than Anthropologie’s. Actually, they were all […Read More]

Patterned Paper Mache Elephant Bust

Borei of Borei Design couldn’t help but notice that animal busts seem to be popping up at all her favorite home décor stores. She didn’t give the trend too much attention until she saw Anthropologie’s patterned paper mache busts. The elephant especially caught Borei’s eye and she realized the trunk would be perfect for hanging […Read More]