No-Sew Pom Pom Quilt

Kelly from The Lily Pad Cottage loves some pom poms. So when she saw the adorable Crinkle Puff Quilts at PB Teen, Kelly had to have one for her daughter’s room and knew she could easily fashion one herself. Kelly got to work making her own pom poms out of yarn and then attached them to […Read More]

Applique Ruffle Towel

To some a towel is simply a thing of function, but it can definitely add to the design of your bathroom. Just check out these pretty ruffled towels from Jaime at That’s My Letter! Jaime transformed a plain Jane towel with bias tape ruffles and an easy appliqued personalization. I always love Jaime’s easy-to-follow techniques […Read More]

“Dream Colorfully” Sign for a Teen Room

KC from The Real Thing with the Coake Family asks, “Have you ever made something that you look at it and you are amazed that you made it?” That’s exactly how she feels about this PB Teen knock off sign she made for her oldest daughter’s bedroom! KC’s daughter specifically requested this sign from the […Read More]

Easy-to-Make Ribbon Mobile

When deciding on a birthday gift for a friends’ daughter, Courtney from Between U & Me decided to make the birthday girl a pretty mobile to hang in her bedroom instead of giving her another toy. She was inspired by a mobile from PB Teen that retailed for $70 and was only available in one […Read More]

Vintage “Refreshments” Sign

A couple of years ago, Tricia from Simplicity in the South turned the old brass kick plate from her front door into a vintage Christmas sign. Great repurpose, right? Well, the fun didn’t stop there! Tricia used the reverse side of the kick plate to make a “Refreshments” sign for her kitchen. Come Christmas time she will […Read More]

Wall Jewelry Organizer with Monogram

I swear I get so excited every time I find a knock off from Jen at The House of Wood. Why? Because they always knock my socks off! Jen shares her latest copycat project over at Pretty Handy Girl – a monogram jewelry organizer inspired by PB Teen. As soon as Jen saw the inspiration […Read More]

Rustic Wood Nightstand

Katie from Addicted 2 DIY recently built her oldest son a new nightstand inspired by one from PB Teen. While the original retails for $399, Katie was able to build her knockoff for only $60. Woot woot! Katie shares the free printable woodworking plans and as well as her technique for getting those “saw marks’’” […Read More]

DIY Faux Metal Wall Signs

Vintage metal signs and marquee signs are all the rage right now. You can literally find them gracing the shelves of every home décor and craft store. Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches found a way to replicate the look using plywood, carriage bolts, and spray paint. Corey only paid $4 to make both an arrow […Read More]

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