Industrial Floor Lamp IKEA Hack

Kelly from Refreshed Designs had an IKEA floor lamp for years. While it got the job done, the plain gray finish wasn’t working with Kelly’s modern-rustic style. She gave it a simple makeover with flat black paint and sisal rope. It was a quick update that made all the difference! Kelly says, “The lesson here: […Read More]

Milk Glass Vases

After weeks of mason jar projects due to her finger injury, Linda from It All Started With Paint felt it was time to mix things up a bit with a vase project. Linda transformed a passel of dollar store vases into West Elm ceramic vase look-a-likes with just some inexpensive acrylic paint. I love how the brightly colored tissue paper flowers pop in the crisp white vases. The great news about having to use paper flowers with these vases is that your flowers will stay bright and beautiful forever. Well… at least until your kids get a hold of them {wink}!

west elm knock off ceramic vases

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Oversized Floor Pouf

While making over her daughter’s bedroom, Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage got a request for a big floor pouf. Although she was a little hesitant to tackle the seemingly complicated project, Gina knew she wasn’t spending over $200 on the one her daughter had been eyeing. In the end, Gina actually ended up spending […Read More]

“Capiz Shell” Chandelier from Wax Paper

Lisa Roy had dreams of adding a capiz shell chandelier to her dining room. However, there were none to be had in her hometown of Dubai. Lisa instead found an inspiration piece from West Elm and recreated it using wax paper and a circle punch. While this project is a bit time-consuming, Lisa says it’s […Read More]

Veneer Spheres for $3 in 15 minutes

Rebecca Quandt fell head over heels for West Elm’s Veneer Spheres, but that didn’t mean she was ready to drop $29 on them! She says, “I find it particularly unnecessary to purchase things that I can easily make for $3.00.” Rebecca was able to create her own spheres using a couple of embroidery hoops from […Read More]

Paper Flower Branches

Oh how I love flowers, especially in the spring! Unfortunately, keeping fresh flowers in the house can get pricey. That’s why I love this project from Sarah Hearts for making faux floral branches using sticks from your yard and tissue paper. You only need scissors and a hot glue gun too, which makes for one […Read More]

Turned Base Pendant Light

Lizette from Just So Lovely came across a pendant light from West Elm that paired a drum shade and turned base and thought it would be perfect for her dark basement family room. Lizette spent a few sleepless nights trying to drum up a plan to make her own and finally came up with the […Read More]

Oversized Floor Pouf Tutorial

Stacy from Addison Meadows Lane had been coveting West Elm’s beautiful floor poufs for ages. However, Stacy went along “poufless and sad” since there was no way she was forking over $250 for a “glorified floor pillow.” That’s when Stacy came across the brilliant idea of making a DIY pouf from a cheap rug. Stacy […Read More]