Best of Knock Off Decor #5: Stenciled Drop Cloth Curtains

Stenciled Drop Cloth Curtains | Knock off West Elm curtains with drop cloth, paint, and a stencil!

Erin from Lavender and Lemon Drops had been eyeing some printed window panels from West Elm for some time. Deciding they would be the perfect addition to her living room, Erin dedicated a snowy day to creating her own with drop cloth fabric and a stencil. I have used drop cloth for all sorts of […Read More]

Best of Knock Off Decor #4 : Stenciled Rug for a Reading Nook

stenciled rug

This knock off is honestly one of my favorite ever featured on Knock Off Decor, and it just so happens to be the fourth most popular in pageviews. Lydia from Pudel-Design added a graphic punch to her reading nook with this handpainted, stenciled rug. Now, I have seen my fair share of painted rugs, but […Read More]

Framed Mirror from Flooring

DIY Wood Projects ~ Build this West Elm knock off framed mirror using tongue and groove flooring boards! All you need is a circular saw and Kreg Jig!

Kim of The Kim Six Fix recently had the opportunity to share a guest post on Pretty Handy Girl as part of her Rockstar DIY series. And she proves just what a rock star she is with this brilliant idea for making a framed mirror! Kim doesn’t have a big power tool stash so she […Read More]

IKEA Hack Martini Side Table

DIY Home Decor | West Elm Knock Off Side Table ~ Grab a few items from IKEA to knock off West Elm's bestselling Martini Side Table!

I love having a little accent table in the living room. One that’s small enough to pull over to the recliner while I’m reading or to the couch during my favorite TV shows. West Elm’s Martini Side Table is perfect for the job and also happens to be a bestseller thanks to its array of […Read More]

Decorative Spheres from Embroidery Hoops

DIY Home Decor | West Elm Knock Off Metallic Orb Sphere

Jennifer from Engineer Mommy has been admiring the decorative spheres that have been around the design world for some time and decided to make her own using just two embroidery hoops and a can of spray paint. Yep, it’s that simple! And these little gems are perfect for styling tables and shelves since they have […Read More]

Floating Wall Mirror

West Elm Inspired DIY Floating Mirror

Ursula from Home Made by Carmona came to the rescue when her daughter needed a larger mirror for her bedroom to prep for the day. Ursula had been eyeing West Elm’s floating mirrors, but they retailed for $199-$399. What’s a DIY-loving girl to do but make her own! Ursula upcycled a salvaged mirror and simply […Read More]

Painted Drop Cloth Rug

West Elm Knock Off Painted Drop Cloth Rug

Would you believe you could have a large, stylish accent rug for less than $20? Hard to believe, right? Aniko from Place of My Taste shows that it can be done! Aniko was inspired by a rug from West Elm that carried a $400 price tag. It was out-of-budget, so Aniko recreated the oversized diamond […Read More]

Pine Box Shelf as Nightstand

Pine Box Shelf Nightstand

Do you need a nightstand but are tight on space? Chelsea from Making Home Base offers the perfect alternative to your typical bedside table with this simple box shelf. Her daughter’s room had been lacking a nightstand since they’d moved into their house. While Chelsea wanted a place to set down books or a glass […Read More]