Revamped Wood and Metal Office Shelves

wood and metal bookshelf

Bridget from Windgate Lane needed to maximize the storage space in her office, yet the small bookshelves she currently had were simply not cutting it. After being inspired by wood and metal shelves from West Elm, Bridget decided to revamp her existing shelves for a cleaner look and larger size. She was able to reuse the metal supports so it only took new lumber and some spray paint to get the job done!

wood and metal bookshelf

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Wood Shim Dresser Makeover


Holly, one of the crafty gals behind My Sister’s Suitcase and a contributor at Tatertots & Jello, is quick to admit that she has “West Elm taste on a thrift store budget.” It was their wood tile furniture that flipped Holly’s DIY switch and motivated her on to update her current dresser with wood shims. The shims facilitated the project, allowing Holly to work with only limited tools and avoid cutting a bunch of wood. You’ve got to check out the before pics to appreciate how Holly totally changed the look of her dresser from traditional to modern.

diy wood shim dresser

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Wood Tripod Floor Lamp for Under $40


Corey of Tiny Sidekick loves West Elm. Recently, she was browsing their store for inspiration and fell in love with the Wood Tripod Floor Lamp but didn’t have $250 dollars to spend. Corey says, “So my creative brain was in overdrive. I love the simplicity of this lamp and knew with a bit of planning I could recreate it for much less. So that is what I did! There are a few minor differences of course, but the end result is exactly what I was going for. Simple, clean, oh, and a light source!

diy tripod floor lamp

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Make a Cheap Patterned Rug with a Sharpie


We’ve all seen a painted rug or two but how about a Sharpie rug? Katie from Upcycled Treasures had been looking for the perfect rug to fit her new creative space AND her tight budget. Katie couldn’t believe her eyes when she found a 5×7 rug at Lowes for only $25. She quickly snatched it up and recreated a Moroccan design using a couple of Sharpies and cardboard cutouts. All I can say is, “WOW!”

sharpie rug

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DIY Wood Tile Nightstand–Without Power Tools!

wood tiled nightstand

Chaney from May Richer Fuller Be has been using the same nightstand since she was in college. While it was still in good shape and she liked it just fine, Chaney says the dark wood didn’t go well with the light and airy look of her master bedroom. Chaney decided it was time for a makeover and challenged herself with giving the table a wood-tiled look – without using any power tools. Mission accomplished, and all Chaney needed was an X-acto knife!

wood tiled nightstand

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DIY Chalkboard Planter–Make Great Gifts!


I don’t know about you all, but this winter has been brutal and has me yearning for spring already. For now, we can at least enjoy some greenery indoors in cute little chalkboard pots like this one from Megan at Make Bake & Love. Megan created the planter to house one of her succulents and had a blast decorating it with fun messages. You could make several to keep on-hand for gifts and simply write fitting messages on the front when gift-giving opportunities come along.

diy chalkboard pot

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Metallic Decorative Sphere Take Two


Awhile back Andrea from Decorating Cents created a decorative sphere from embroidery hoops that she simply wasn’t loving. Instead of kicking the sphere to the curb, Andrea adopted the “rock what you got” mentality and revamped it with paper mache and spray paint. The paper mache was perfect for imitating the texture of metal. With a couple coats of spray paint, you’d never know the difference!

diy metallic sphere

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Black and White Abstract Art Anyone Can Paint


Aubrey of The Crawford Clan had originally planned to put a mirror above the buffet in her dining room but then decided a piece of artwork would “pack a bigger punch.” Not only did Aubrey paint her own abstract art, but she made this project even cheaper by creating her own canvas from a drop cloth she already had. Aubrey is certainly a frugal girl after my own heart! She says, “I’m hardly an artist so this was the perfect skill level for me.  Surprisingly, we’ve had a few visitors even ask where we purchased it from…”

west elm inspired abstract art

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