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1970s Inspired 6-Drawer Dresser

The West Elm Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser is a beautiful, simplistic dresser with a $999 price tag. Shara from Woodshop Diaries loved the style but not the price tag so she opted to make her own – from scratch! Her DIY dresser isn’t an exact match to the original, but she was able to customize it to the colors and size that she wanted and you can too! Shara’s dresser came in for a little over $100, nearly a tenth of the price of the original!

This is Shara’s finished dresser, entirely handmade down to the drawer pulls!


This is her West Elm inspiration, the Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser.


Head over to Woodshop Diaries to see the full tutorial of how Shara created her beautiful dresser.

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