Whimsical Paper Flower Wall Décor


Mary Kathryn from Mathews Family Happenings was smitten by the wallflowers she had seen on several blogs. She had even come close to buying them a few times but knew she could create them for less. And that she did! Mary Kathryn cut all the little flower shapes from poster board, curled the petals, and then attached them to the wall with putty. They look lovely in her daughter’s nursery and add the perfect touch of whimsy.

wall flower decor

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Easy DIY Framed Chalkboard


Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic knew she wanted a large chalkboard like one from Restoration Hardware for her entryway – just not for $300. And why buy one when you can make it yourself for about $15? And in one hour no less! Whitney’s easy DIY chalkboard tutorial builds upon an existing chalkboard that she purchased from Hobby Lobby. Whitney added on to the existing frame with some furring strips and pine casing, transforming the plain Jane frame into a real showstopper!

diy framed chalkboard

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Frames with DIY Burlap Matting


It is important to me that my décor is meaningful, and there’s not much that means more than the faces of those I love. That means framed family photos are a must around my house! Erin from Life in the Dub Lane put some of her memories on display with Pottery Barn-inspired burlap frames that she created using $4 frames from IKEA. Erin says it was the “most thrifty little  replication” she’s ever done. Isn’t it amazing how something as cheap as burlap can give a more high-end look?!?

diy burlap frames

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Planked Wood Quilt Square Wall Art


Like Aimee’s DIY wall art project I shared this morning, Jaime from That’s My Letter also built an enormous statement piece out of wood. I love the arrangement of wood pieces to create a quilt-like design, and, quite honestly, I prefer Jaime’s contrasting wood tones to Pottery Barn’s darker, more monochromatic version. Don’t be scared off with all the math in this project – Jaime’s already done it for you and offers a diagram of all the cuts so you can easily cut, stain, and glue your way to new wood wall décor!

wood wall art

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Planked Wood United States Wall Map


I’ve got a couple of DIY wall art projects to share with you today, and the main ingredient in both is wood – planked, stained, and beautiful wood! First, Aimee from The Vintage Estate got an order from a customer for a large planked wood United States map similar to one sold by Pottery Barn. Her hubs built a large sign from 1x4s, and Aimee then used a projector to trace the outline and paint it in. Talk about a unique focal point!

wood us map

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Scrap Fabric Patchwork Wall Art


Zoica, one of the crafty gals at Two Creative Women, shares a fairly simple project for turning fabric scraps into works of art. All it requires is a few rectangles of fabric and a little sewing. Of course, this is perfect for those last little bits of fabric you’ve been saving, or it could also be a fun way to give sentimental pieces like baby bedding new life.

scrap fabric art

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Wooden Star Cutout Wall Décor


We’ve all been there… we’ve been eyeing that special something something for weeks and finally get around to ordering it, and… it’s No. longer. available. Erg! That’s what happened to Melissa of The Happier Homemaker with Pottery Barn’s wooden star panel. Thanks to Melissa’s savvy skills though it turned out to be a blessing! Melissa was about to create her own star art for absolutely nothing using supplies she already had. Melissa says this is a great beginner project for those of you who want to take up wood work in 2014!

wood star art

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Large Vintage Schoolhouse Framed Chalkboard


Melanie of The French Cottage had been holding onto a tear-out of a Restoration Hardware chalkboard for years. However, she says her “inner frugalista” would not allow her to spend $499 on a chalkboard. Melanie also knew she could build her own chalkboard for much less and did just that for $50, which isn’t too shabby for a ginormous framed chalkboard. The fact that this chalkboard has a vintage schoolhouse look makes it perfect for Melanie’s son’s playroom. It’s a piece that both mommas and children can enjoy!

diy large chalkboard

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