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DIY Wall Sconce from a Drapery Rod

What’s more genius than making your own expensive looking wall sconce from a curtain rod? This one is definitely hard to beat.

This is one DIY design project that can be simplified down to just a few easy parts.

The best part is you have complete control of the look you want…from the hardware to the shade, shaving many dollars off the Restoration Hardware price in the process!

Wall Sconce from Drapery Rod Pin

Project Background

The crafty lady over at Bad Zoot is a lover of all things Restoration Hardware, but their prices often leave her a little “speechless.”

While searching for help for a large wall with a mirror in her master bedroom, she came across a wall sconce made from a vintage railing.

A vintage railing may not have been available, but a clearance drapery rod was!

Bad Zoot enlisted the help of her handy husband to combine the drapery rod with “two old lamp guts, cording, wire nuts, and patience” to create their own RH-inspired sconce.

I love how the sconces anchor the mirror and cast the perfect cozy glow in the room!

restoration hardware knock off wall sconces

Project Tips

What’s great about this technique is that there are a million different kinds of curtain rods out there.

Some cost more than others but the options are endless when it comes to colors, materials, and style.

You can go modern or antique, and pretty much anything in between!

The original inspiration came from the Lorraine Architectural Railing Sconce from Restoration Hardware.

lorraine architectural railing sconce

Get more details about this project over at Bad Zoot (you gotta love the name!)

The DIY designer behind this one offers you all her inside tips that will surely make your experience a lot easier.

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