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Wood Slice Accent Table

As soon as Greg and Jennifer of Seakettle saw a pair of log side tables in Domino magazine, they had to have one. The only thing holding them back was the $1,100 price tag. Yikes! Greg says, “So we decided to do things the old-fashioned way and turn a little elbow grease and a cannibalized IKEA stool into our own log table.” They hit up Greg’s parents’ wood supply for a log, cut off a chunk, sanded it, and then paired it with a $6 stool from Ikea. I love this knock off, and you sure can’t beat the price!

Log Slice Accent Table

The original inspiration came from these log tables from Ippolita that Greg and Jennifer saw in Domino Magazine.

Domino Magazine Log Tables

Go to Seakettle for the complete tutorial to make a wood slice table.

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