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25+ Luminous Watercolor Jellyfish That Will Delight Your Eyes

Watercolor jellyfish hdr

Hovering along with the ocean tides, jellyfish can be found in both hot and cold, and deep and shallow water, and along coastlines.

These invertebrates are made of a smooth body and tiny tentacles with stinging cells that they use to poison their prey.

As a subject of art they are a specimen like no other, offering immense intrigue to both the artist and art lover.  

Some jellyfish are clear, but others come with lively colors such as pink, yellow, purple, and blue. Putting vibrant watercolor jellyfish paintings in your home will undoubtedly add a sense of joy in your living environment.

Did you know that they can produce their own light! This is why they’re also called bioluminescent. What an interesting quality to translate onto a canvas.

You see, jellyfish are exceptional creatures, and this makes them a source of inspiration for artists, be their pop of color, the sheer transparency or, the smoothness of their bodies. 

While creating art, you’ll want to consider the medium. Capturing marine life using watercolor truly produces a unique unity between the subject and the medium.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of our favorite artistic renditions of this special creature.

Watercolor Jellyfish: Electric Tides Under the Ocean

jellyfish blue white

The tantalizing jellyfish pulsate along the ocean waves with a trail of their stingers following them.

A lavender setting at the back plays an essential role in adding a delicacy to the painting.

jellyfish blue pink white

Being the focal point of the painting, this marine creature enjoys a swim within the ocean currents.

jellyfish black white

A dark, and an unforgiving scene where a swarm of jellyfish flashes through with a sheer layer of transparency.

jellyfish yellow purple

Incorporating yellow, the opposing blue from the color wheel; adding contrast along with emotion to the painting.

Isn’t this a lovely example of a composition that can be placed in your great room?

jellyfish brown blue

The jellyfish occupies the whole canvas, grasping the viewers’ attention.

At the same time, the varied brushstrokes in the backdrop add a hint of theatre to the painting.

jellyfish yellow white

An artwork that exudes honey-like energy through its warm tones.

The jellyfish appears like a ripe pumpkin drifting about with stingers.

jellyfish coast blue

A swarm of jellyfish heads below the depths of the ocean while their sheer stingers appear like electric currents. 

jellyfish coast blue yellow

An explosion of teal behind the scenes meanwhile the sleek jellyfish makes an appearance with its elaborate details and glistening charm.

jellyfish pink white

The artist creates a painting using tones of crimson for the background and the subject, making it both enchanting and enthralling. 

jellyfish fuscescens blue

The artistic manner used in this artwork conveys drama along with invigorating details of the jellyfish. 

jellyfish green blue

Bearing the colors of a peacock, this emerald green jellyfish reposes in the focus of the canvas upon the background with loose brushstrokes in my favorite color teal.

Plus, the stingers float about adding a theatrical touch.

A refreshing instance of a painting that can be set in your living room.

jellyfish pink blue

A pop of color can be seen in the jellyfish, whilst the background stays neutral and subtle.

The layered paint approach adds depth to the subject.

jellyfish green brown

The artistic method practices the color wheel here by using opposing colors – teal and maroon.

The background incorporates variations of teal while the subject glistens with whites.

jellyfish pink blue purple

The jelly-like marine creature pulses along the ocean currents adorned with tones of pink against an indigo background.

A great example of brining the bioluminescence qualities to the paper with the watery paints.

jellyfish pink purple blue

In a world of gentle pastels, the jellyfish floats about. Its stingers illuminate brightly against the soft backdrop.

Take this as an example of artwork to put up in your kids’ room. We’re sure they’ll love it.

jellyfish pink yellow

The contrast between the pink backdrop, and the three yellow entangled jellyfish adds a touch of drama to the painting.

While abstract the color choices adhere to the rules of the color theory.

jellyfish white blue yellow

The remarkable use of color layering gives this watercolor jellyfish transparency and adds a 3D effect to the subject.

A great example of nature’s own art being transferred to the human-created canvas.

jellyfish red pink

This striking pink jellyfish swims about an invisible ocean against a calm background that highlights its details and textures.

jellyfish yellow brown

A subtle take can be seen on this jellyfish water painting with soft nude shades for the subject and background.

jellyfish red purple

The firey-red jellyfish ascends in the ocean while the water waves appear to be in strong motion, accurately portrayed by the loose brushstrokes.

An eye-capturing example of a painting to be hung in your home.

jellyfish white blue

A play between the blues – the bright teal jellyfish pulses under the calm blue ocean.

How can you not love these two watercolor blues playing together?

jellyfish yellow red

A bunch of tangerine-colored jellyfish hover up under the ocean.

Notice how the diagonal brushwork creates an interesting backdrop for the subject to pop out.

These bewildering watercolor paintings have certainly broadened our knowledge regarding jellyfish as well as their anatomy.

Focus on how the styles featured in the watercolor paintings above have caused the viewer’s eye to move around the canvas, making the compositions truly exploratory.

Using symmetry, balance and, contrast, the creative method has produced artworks that stand out wherever they’re placed.

Whether you want your kids’ bedrooms to have an enjoyable and almost educational artwork or, you’re looking for a pop of color in your hallway or den this is a magnificent subject. 

With exceptional details in the subject – the jellyfish, and its surroundings, the artistic techniques above wonderfully portray life under the ocean.

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