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25+ Watercolor Cat Paintings You Will Marvel Over (We Did!)

watercolor cat hdr

The creature who spends 70% of their lives sleeping. Yes. We are talking about cats. Undoubtedly one of the most popular and beloved pets in the world.

From the early Egyptian civilizations to today’s modern times, cats have managed to secure a place in many of our hearts.

Being associated with humans for more than a thousand years, most animal lovers feel a deep affection for cats, regardless of age and gender. 

Their majesty and grandeur are admired, and they’ve been the muse for many creative souls.

Throughout history, artists like Pablo Picasso, Franz Marc, Pierre Bonnard, and several other artists have painted cats in unprecedented ways. Each paying homage to this delightful creature of mother nature. 

Today, we’ll check out some marvelous watercolor cat paintings that capture this subject in a beautifully artistic way.

It will surely be a delight to see the finesse of their brushstrokes teaming up with the multi-faceted personalities of cats; from playful and silly, to relaxed and noble.

Watercolor Cat Paintings: A Feline-Good Journey 

cat ragdoll yellow

The beautiful blue-eyed cat sits patiently against a toned-down gray backdrop. It almost appears like the cats is posing, doesn’t it?

This painting will surely look majestic in your living room or perhaps, your office.

cat big yellow white

A wild-eyed cat in motion – looks like it’s walking in the snow on the way to its prey.

The artist has given careful attention to the fur which is why we are able to see the immaculate details.

cat yellow big

A grand triple-coated tabby cat rests and looks ahead with its mighty gaze.

Look at how the artistic approach uses different brush strokes to highlight the diverse shades of its coat.

cat ash white

Here we have a Russian blue cat caught right in the act of playing with a pink yarn ball.

Looks like it’s their favorite item to play with. After mice, of course.

The gray of the cat, the bright colored eyes, and the pink yarn ball work perfectly in harmony while adding a dramatic touch.

cat black and white

Now, this is quite an amusing expression. Is this girl disappointed? Is she mad? Happy or, sad?

We can never know but, with its right paw slightly up, we can surely assume that it is up to something.

cat yellow brown

A ginger doll-faced cat taking a walk. With its tail wagging up high – the guy seems happy and in a playful mood.

Despite it being a watercolor painting, we can see the multiple layers of fur flawlessly put together. 

cat brown white persian

It appears as if this furry friend has seen something it wasn’t supposed to.

The artist uses precise details to portray the cat’s expressions. With the pupils constricted, we can see a sense of shock in its big green eyes.

cat brown black

A neutral color palette for the backdrop while the cat is seen in its side profile.

The artistry of this painting manages to define the cat’s anatomy and style in a wondrous manner using fine brushstrokes.

cat black white yellow

Two contrasting subjects can be seen in this painting – one cat licks its mouth in anticipation while the other stares sharply. Quite an interesting sight.

The sunlight hits them from the left corner and adds sparkles to their thick coats of fur.

cat yellow white

We have a furry diva elegantly looking back with her round golden eyes. How can cats be this graceful?

Now, this is a type of majestic work of art ready to be hung in your house and enhance its beauty.

cat yellow dark brown

This watercolor painting almost looks like candyfloss. We see pink and purple undertones, which add a sense of playfulness to the painting. Perfectly depicting the nature of cats.

The cat can be seen licking her mouth – a classic cat routine.

This kind of watercolor painting would look absolutely striking in a room that needs a little touch of pink.

cat black brown white

Caught right in the act of hissing, the green-eyed black and white tuxedo cat rests on a ledge.

cat brown white pink

Spreading smiles and joy everywhere, this precious kitten stands on her little paws and looks up into the sky.

The details of its fur have been worked on quite carefully, highlighting the shades and shadows.

cat black white

Here we have a gorgeous triple-coated cat staring right into our souls.

Her looks are sweet and wicked at the same time. Only these furry creatures have the ability to pull off such an expression all too effortlessly. 

What an example of an elegant piece of art to be placed in your room.

cat brown white striped

A vigilant brown and white striped short haired tabby gazes into the future (not literally of course).

With the playful gesture of its tail, we’re guessing that the cat is sensing playtime.

The art uses subtle neutral tones to paint the cat and the backdrop.  A perfectly soft setting for the furry creature.

cat black white striped

This has to be one of our favorite paintings from the entire collection.

The cats’ unique manner of sitting is an absolute delight to watch. Her expressions clearly say “what are these humans?”.

Through the use of blue undertones, this piece uniquely defines the features of the cat. 

Use a whimsical painting like this for your room to enjoy an entertaining view.

cat brown white walking

In this watercolor painting, the cat can be seen cunningly approaching her prey.

With more attention toward the cat itself, the artist has chosen to keep the background plain and neutral with mild light and dark brushstrokes.

cat brown white

A white double-coated cat surrounded by brushstrokes that look like a fresh cool breeze.

Each brushstroke is managed carefully to highlight the anatomy of the cats’ fur while the golden eyes glisten.

cat ash black

Our Russian blue cat gazes at birds with wonder in its eyes. 

Despite the background being gray like the cat, it separates from the painting portraying a well-lit and busy environment.

cat ash brown green

Our young cat here is resting and relaxing – having a good time all by itself.

Look at the intricate detail of the cats’ fur and how beautifully it has been captured in an artistic way.

The light and dark shades come with a visual quality of their own.

cat yellow red brown

Gazing attentively at its owner (or maybe food), this adorable cat sits with its ears perked up.

The red scarf around her neck grabs the viewers’ attention towards the ginger and white cat.

This approach has used careful brushstrokes to highlight the colors and depth of the subject in the painting.

Hung on the wall of the children’s playroom, this type of painting will certainly look striking.

cat yellow brown sitting

Well, look what we have here – another cat who seems to be resting. It must be tired of all the… resting. 

The artist has skillfully managed to merge the soft background with the subject and yet, fully highlight the subject as well. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

cat ash brown blue

This watercolor painting sure looks quite dreamy. Through the use of the right colors and brushstrokes, the artist has managed to paint this majestic creature into a dreamlike picture. 

With a subtle blue backdrop, white brushstrokes that resemble clouds along with light traces of yellow, this painting creates a perfect summery mood. 


It’s truly the creativity and hard work of artists who produce such exquisite pieces of art. Watercolors are certainly not easy to work with and that too, with furry-always-on-the-go creatures cats.

We hope you liked this journey with these adorable watercolor cat paintings.

They made us feel good and we hope that you are feline-good and inspired to paint your furry friends.

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