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13 Vintage Wallpaper Ideas to Transform Your Decor

vintage country house interior

The only thing that has the power to transform any space from boring to amazing is no other than the wallpapers!

They can instantly brighten up any room, providing various patterns, texture, and sometimes a sense of fun.

You already know that wallpaper comes in various styles, patterns, colors, and designs. These days retro style or vintage styled wallpapers are popular.

Why? Because this style never goes out of fashion!

Whether it is fashion or home decor, vintage-retro style is prominent, and because of its unique ambiance, it attracts many people.

With the antique wallpapers designs and vintage florals patterns, these dreamy designs are a timeless beauty. So bring this vintage feeling with a retro flair to your interiors with some cool vintage wallpaper models.

From vintage to bold retro, you can find the most amazing wallpapers in thousands of designs on wallpaperfromthe70s.

Not only on bare walls, but you can use them on furniture and accessories and easily turn a usual space into a retro-infused one. So, let’s have a look at the most popular ideas and options to choose from.

11+ Stunning Vintage Wallpaper Models Inspirations!

Below is the list of thirteen types of wallpaper designs that you can use anywhere in your house to create a vintage-retro look. So, start decorating your dream home interiors with these awesome wallpapers:

1. A Bold Accent Wall

A Bold Accent Wall

See more on this one here!

Install these types of wallpapers with intricate details on the walls; it will act as the feature wall of the entire room. This decorative transformation will immediately change the atmosphere of the room.

The above room has a flower wallpaper in gorgeous black and cream combination, and it is creating a stunning effect.

The best thing about these types of vintage wallpaper models wallpapers is that they will work in any shape or size of the place.

2. Create a Vintage Inspired Living Area

a Vintage Inspired Living Area

See more on this one here!

What’s better than a plaid wallpaper to create a retro flair?

Nothing, right! Look how lovely the space is looking in the above picture. Here the homeowner has intentionally put leather couches to bring the vintage vibes.

You can also go with this kind of plaid wallpaper in Claret violet, Green, and Mahogany brown colors.

They’ll look perfect anywhere in your home. Place some leather furniture and some old books to read, and your vintage-inspired living area is ready!

3. Enter Back in the 70s

Enter Back in the 70s

See more on this one here!

Retro style is all about patterns and crazy designs, and floral is the popular one. Create a cool entryway of your home that whenever your guests come to your house, they’ll think that they are back in the 1970s.

This modern wallpaper is perfect for that. It has a hand-printed look with really catchy Flower tendrils and birds intense pattern colors on a pale pink background.

You can always mix popular patterns with unusual colors to create a stunning effect.

4. Vintage Retro Interior Decors

Vintage Retro Interior Decors

See more colors here!

The brown textured wallpaper in light brown beige color creates a vintage optical illusion with a retro flair.

Also, the whole design and decor are perfectly complementing the rattan look of the wallpaper.

5. Dreamy Bedroom in Stripe Pattern

Dreamy Bedroom in Stripe Pattern

The stripe pattern is also one of the 70s designs that are pretty popular these days. You can also create this look by installing some vintage wallpaper models like this one.

It has a delicate stripe design in blue, white, and shades of grey.

It is basically a smooth non-woven wallpaper with a washable surface that looks great with any solid wood furniture in warm and light shades.

6. Vintage Dresser

Vintage Dresser

See more colors for this one here!

Take a look at this breathtaking dresser setup.

The vintage dresser is in a dark color, which is placed against the floral damask designed wallpaper in anthracite and beige grey color.

The small gold detailing and the items placed on the dresser create an attractive piece of art.

7. Royal Vintage Vanity

Royal Vintage Vanity

See more on this one here!

This vintage-inspired vanity is perfect for those who want retro interiors with a modern twist.

The ultramarine blue as a base with a black design pattern will be suitable for a vanity set up.

8. Transform the Sewing Station

Transform the Sewing Station

See more on this one here!

Want to give a sophisticated makeover to your work area?

If yes, install these vintage wallpaper models in distressed wood designs.

You can use them to transform any place in your home.

9. Geometric Pattern in Kitchens

Geometric Pattern in Kitchen

See more on this one here!

Who doesn’t love to have fun shapes in their houses?

Of course, everybody does, right! This enchanting geometry wallpaper reminds you of your grandmother’s kitchen back in the 1970s.

Include these types of wallpapers in your kitchen and add some antique cabinets to finish the look.

10. Colorful Dining Area

Colorful Dining Area

See more on this one here!

Don’t leave your dining room plain and boring; splash some colors.

No, we’re talking about painting your walls in crazy colors, but instead, you can place some cool wallpapers and decors.

Look how beautiful is this hummingbird design wallpaper. It is seamlessly going with the retro theme.

The decors have been also kept colorful to match the entire vibe.

11. Serene Study Room

Serene Study Room

See more on this one here!

Bring the natural and serene atmosphere to your study room with this Olive-yellow and saffron-yellow wallpaper.

This exceptional vintage wallpaper model has a remarkable irregular geometric pattern with a 3D touch that reflects naturalness and transience.

12. A Entertaining Kids Room

A Entertaining Kids RoomSee more on this one here!

Who is not a fan of Comics?

Everyone on this planet loves the heroes of an amazing comic, right!

So give a heroic transformation to your children’s bedrooms with this cool wallpaper.

13. Elegant Bathroom Design

Elegant Bathroom Design

See more on this one here!

Surprise your guests with this elegant and fun designed pink bathroom.

This flamingo print wallpaper is pretty vintage looking with a retro flair.

The Bottom Line

So which wallpaper do you love the most?

We know that every wallpaper has its own style and look. But the best thing is that you can use them anywhere in your home, they’ll look stunning.

So, this festive season, don’t leave any corner of your residence plain and boring; spice up your interiors with these stunning wallpapers. Order your favorite one now on wallpaperfromthe70s.

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