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Vintage Suitcase Nightstand

If you are old enough to remember your parents or grandparents suitcases and love that vintage look, then you will be excited to try this project. Not only practical because of the storage capabilities, but it will add a mood of times from long ago to any room.

Reeves from The Weathered Door shares with us her great repurpose of a well cared for vintage suitcase. If you already own a great vintage suitcase that is perfect. Reeves’ legs were from a mid-century modern table that she had, so her costs were limited to some hardware such as wood screws and post screws.

She makes a good point of having the screw heads even on the inside of the suitcase to prevent items from catching on them. If the inside of the suitcase needs a touch-up, you can always add muslin with a hot glue gun to recover the worn out areas. This is a beautiful and classic style to add to your vintage decor.

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