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Versatile Pallet Pot Rack

Do you have pots that seem to be bursting from your cabinets? Would you like to have a sturdy rack to hold them?  A pot rack made from a pallet may be in your future. Jacquie from the A Greenpoint Kitchen shares with us her pot rack holder method made from a pallet.

The novelty to this is that she used chicken wire secured to the pallet to hold the pots with their hooks. Once everything was secure she used toggle bolts to attach it to the wall. Having a helper is important in this step because the chain needs to immediately attach to the ceiling to hold the pallet. Jacquie recommends using S hooks to hold the pot racks.

She also mentions that this is sturdy enough to hold cast iron skillets when you read the questions posed by readers of her blogs. If you have heavy pots, or just need a place to hang them, this pallet pot rack will make a great addition to your kitchen.

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