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Two Accent Living Room Makeover

We love to decorate. We love to change things up because we get bored of seeing the same thing every day. In the case of Kelli from Lolly Jane, she wanted to update her living room.

Although she loved the curtains and the color of the room, a small change was all she needed to tone it down a bit. She loved all the color, but she needed a change. By simply adding a white rug to the room, and painting the top of the coffee table white, she was able to subdue all the blue she had going on in the room. Isn’t it amazing how adding white can help offset the bolder colors?

She did glaze the top of the white table to keep it from appearing stark. If you love lots of colors, but one day decide that it is a bit too much, try doing what Kelli did.  Change two small things in the room and give it a makeover. It really is a simple fix to a busy room.

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