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Making Wicker Look Wicked: The Top Tips for Decorating With Wicker Furniture


decorating with wicker furniture

The average annual cost of home improvements comes in at $6,649.

Clearly, that’s no small sum of money!

However, it’s almost always worth it. Creating the house of your dreams is an investment. Of course, money is important, but it pales in comparison to creating a living space you love.

Household decorations are one particularly important part of doing exactly that.

And, guess what, we know something that’s going to help: wicker.

That’s right, this sturdy, lightweight, and gorgeous material is a trending design style right now! Wicker furniture is back, and it is revolutionizing homes around the country. Are you interested in giving your home an upgrade with wicker? We wanted to help.

Keep reading for some top tips for decorating with wicker furniture.

1. Break Up a Room

Wicker is a fantastic option for creating a fresh lease of life to an area.

It can be particularly useful in neutral or traditionally decorated rooms. After all, it’s a unique style that never fails to contrast to other elements.

A wicker chair in the corner of a bedroom serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose. The honey-colored material will stand out from neutral walls; its distinctive appearance stands out and accentuates other features in the room.

Experiment with different combinations. The chairs may be best left bare. Otherwise, try adding cushions, or a throw, to add an extra level to its aesthetic.

2. Have a Hanging Wicker Chair

A solitary wicker chair can transform a room. So, think what a hanging wicker chair can do!

These beautiful, functional furnishings become a centerpiece of any space. Of course, be sure that you suspend them somewhere safe (you don’t want to break anything!).

However, assuming it’s safe to do so, installing them creates an amazing attribute in any house.

They’re fun, eye-catching, and comfortable elements. Hanging chairs are inevitably unique, unexpected, and become automatic feature pieces.

3. Bring the Outdoors In

People often talk about taking the indoors into your garden.

Designing a backyard with familiar furnishings, style and accessories create a sense of cohesion between the inside and outside of a house.

The same can happen in reverse. Taking inside the furniture that typically belongs outdoors can work wonders on the interior décor. As it happens, wicker provides the ideal means of doing it.

Again, wicker is an intrinsically complementary style. Wicker chairs are frequently used as outdoor furniture.

However, try them out around the dining table! The effect is best when the wicker can accentuate and contrast to other features in the room.

It both stands out and creates a greater sense of homeliness to the area.

4. Experiment with Wicker Light Shades

Wicker shouldn’t be restricted to chairs!

This natural material is immensely versatile. It can be used in all manner of ways. Wicker can make a statement, be a central feature, and create a lovely sense of welcoming to a room.

Wicker light shades are a prime example of this.

You can find them in all shapes and sizes. Why not get some large ones and hang them low over the dining room table. The warming glow will add an ambiance to any entertainment.

Combine this with a neutral décor all around. The wicker lampshades will draw the eye and complement the fair colors and natural lighting.

5. Create Features with Wicker Baskets

Here’s another example of the versatility of wicker.

Wicker baskets are a classic object. However, why reserve yours for the dirty washing? These beautiful baskets can be put to work in much better ways.

One top idea is to turn them into planters.

That’s right, get your indoor plants and flowers and transfer them into a wicker basket. Of course, you want the basket to match the size of the plant. Oversized options work great with olive trees, or fiddle leaf fig trees.

They complement each other perfectly. Stand your freshly planted trees in the corner of a room. It’ll create a stunning feature of any space in the house.

6. Lay Down Wicker Rugs

Wicker Rugs

Time to take it up a notch.

Have you considered using wicker as a flooring material?

Not many people have. But it’s starting to catch on. Think of the background of a beautiful work of art. Doesn’t it seem to blend seamlessly into the foreground? It somehow anchors the foreground in place.

Backgrounds aren’t necessarily what you spend much time looking at. Without them though, the piece wouldn’t work as a whole.

The same can happen when you use wicker flooring. The tonality can be a brilliant complement to the other elements of the room. It serves to anchor (figuratively speaking!) your furniture in place. Find a largescale wicker rug to lay upon the floor.

You could go one step further and use the wicker as a base layer. From there, consider adding additional rugs and throws of your choice.

7. Use a Wicker Table

wicker table

The translucent nature of wicker is another of its qualities.

There’s a sense of airiness and space created by it. Somehow, wicker furniture stands out without taking up excessive room. It’s elusive and obvious, all at the same time.

These qualities make it great in busy areas. For smaller spots with little available space, a wicker item can be functional whilst not adding to the mess. Wicker tables make a great addition in such rooms.

Time to Decorate with Wicker Furniture

There you have it: a selection of top tips for decorating with wicker furniture.

People spend thousands of dollars on home improvements every year. In the bid to create a well-loved living space, we don’t blame them!

Of all the options for home improvement, decorating can make all the difference.

And, as we’ve seen, of all the decorative options out there, wicker should be high on your list! This versatile material has made a comeback in recent years. And for good reason. It can make an incredible addition to any part of the house, no matter how you use it.

Hopefully, this post has provided some top ideas for how to do exactly that.

Want more tips like this? Head to the ‘Other’ section of the blog now!

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