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Top 5 Posts for July

Every month we are bringing you the top 5 posts of the month. They may not have been written that month but they were the most visited posts of the month! Here are the top 5 posts of July.

July 2016

5. Simple Concrete Backyard Fire Pit

This easy fire pit is made from a $6 bag of concrete and some smooth river stones.


4. Trunk with Distressed Paint Finish

Get that glorious aged Pottery Barn look with this detailed tutorial.

PB trunk

3. $10 Pottery Barn Inspired Wood Clock

Recreate a $300 Pottery Barn clock with some pocket change by utilizing reclaimed wood and some leftover paint.

PB clock

2. Doll Trundle Bed

Every little girl loves her dolls, and dolls love to have sleepovers! Make a doll trundle bed fit to an American Girl from reclaimed lumber and fabric scraps.

Trundle Bed

1. Oversized Floor Pouf Tutorial

Floor poufs are all the rage, but they are also crazy expensive! Make your own with some inexpensive home decor fabric and save yourself $250!

Floor Pouf

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