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Oversized Floor Pouf Tutorial


Stacy from Addison Meadows Lane had been coveting West Elm’s beautiful floor poufs for ages. However, Stacy went along “poufless and sad” since there was no way she was forking over $250 for a “glorified floor pillow.”

That’s when Stacy came across the brilliant idea of making a DIY pouf from a cheap rug.

She followed the tutorial but switched out the rug for inexpensive home décor fabric she picked up at Joann’s for only $5 a yard.

Stacy says, “This project took no time at all, and I’m so happy with the end product!”

DIY Pouf ~ Make an oversized floor pouf inspired by West Elm using three yards of fabric and bean bag filling. It's super easy!

Stacy actually follows another tutorial that lays out everything pretty well (see link below).

You’re probably just like Stacy and this other DIY’er in that you your need and want was high for such a floor piece, but not at West Elm’s price!

Here’s the Low-Down for Making Your Own Floor Pouf

A couple of tips from Stacy that she took from following the original tutorial herself will prove to be invaluable:

First, the zipper is completely optional. She just didn’t have one on hand and was fine not going that extra mile for it. It’s really not necessary.

When it comes to the bean bag stuffing, get more than you think the ottoman pouf will take.

Not only will more “stuffing” support a sitting person better the pure physics of how the material compresses will just plain require more to get your pouf tight. And you want it tight.

More filling also makes a floor pouf look better. A seat with a deflated look isn’t the most inviting and doesn’t add a good vibe to your family or living room.

Finished DIY pouf ottoman

What about the cover?

The hardest part about this project (other than sewing if you’re not someone who sews much!) is finding a fabric you like.

As with any decor item you add to your home, go with what ties into your existing schemes. For example, the ottoman floor pouf can do the job of an accent piece. So… an accent color will work just fine.

Another example might be complementing the other soft furniture around the piece. Even if you contrast the patterns, if they can plat off of or with one another then you can really have some fun.

Think couch or a set of arm chairs, working together with your super cool floor seat!

Or something muted with a basic pattern is fine if you don’t want to call out much attention to it. But come on, who wouldn’t want this to stand out?

Cover for ottoman

Just make sure the fabric you choose is thick enough and durable. People sitting or placing their feet on these can take their toll over time as far as wear and tear.

In this way, it’s like an ottoman. It needs to have a rugged quality to it as well.

Remember when you were a kid and had those cheap bean bags? Inevitably, a seam would crack open or the outer lining would tear and out spilled all those tiny white pellets. Let’s go industrial but cozy on this one!

Stacy used some good quality fabric that she ordered online. In the tutorial she followed, they used a $3 rug from IKEA.

Even at that cheap price, you’ll have some piece of mind knowing it’s a rug and that this thing will hold up, provided you brought out some good sewing skills!

The original inspiration came from West Elm’s Multi-Mosaic Pouf. If anything, this original just gives you one of the thousands of ways you can style your pouf with the fabric you choose.

West Elm Multi-Mosaic Poufs

Read all about Stacy’s experience and the inspiring tutorial she followed over at Addison Meadows Lane.

Give it a try, and hey, if you don’t like what you come up with it’s an easy gift for someone else who would appreciate the gesture…and a place to get comfy down low with!

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Wednesday 7th of December 2016

What kind of fabric is good to chose for a diy floor cushion or poof? There are so many - I go into Joanne's and start (almost) hyperventilating and run away...


Monday 4th of July 2016

Thanks for the inspiration! I am finally going to get the pouf I have been wanting for so long.

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