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‘There’s a Monster in the Toilet!’ Halloween Vinyl

Now, you may not find any monsters creeping out of the toilet in designer catalogs, but this Halloween decorating idea gave me a giggle so I had to share! Morena for Crafts Unleashed designed her own three-eyed, wiggly armed monster, cut it out of vinyl, and popped it on the toilet tank for a little Halloween prank. Morena says, “It would also work on windows, cabinets, and most any other opening you can think of.  Every person in my home has laughed when they see my little monster Halloween decorations. Have fun spooking your favorite people this Halloween!”

halloween cling

Morena was inspired by the Toilet Monster Sticker from Hu2.

toilet monster sticker

Check it out at Crafts Unleashed.

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Friday 27th of September 2013

Heehee! Thanks for sharing! :)


Friday 27th of September 2013

Thanks for the fun idea, Morena!

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