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Succulent Terrarium from a Fishbowl

Succulent Terrarium Using a Fishbowl

This is the perfect project for plant lovers who don’t have a green thumb but who love the look of natural green sprinkled within their decor.

That’s because this one uses succulents – small drought-resistant plants that don’t need much to grow (including regular water!).

The next best part is this West Elm look is super easy and super cheap to create. Read on to see how.

DIY Terrarium Project Background

I always love a good reverse knock-off. You know – one of those times when you are browsing through a catalog and an item catches your eye that looks identical to something you’ve already created.

That’s exactly what happened to Sarah from Interiors by Sarah Langtry. Awhile back she repurposed an old fishbowl with a metallic base into a succulent terrarium.

Fast forward, and what does Sarah see while shopping around West Elm’s website?

You guessed it – a round terrarium with a brass base!

diy succulent terrarium

Project Steps

1. Get a small 1-gallon globe fish bowl just like this one

Globe Fish Bowl 2. Add layer of small rocks to bottom

3. Add a layer of activated charcoal – you can get just a small amount here

4. Drop in a little potting soil

5. Add your plants!

Live Potted Succulents

Succulents perfect for a 1-gallon bowl! [Click photo to buy at Amazon]

Project Tips

Sarah mentions one great way to save money on this project is to just use filler rocks from your yard. She had her kids go get them!

Even if you don’t have a yard (or kids), you can easily find rocks somewhere in nature that will do the job.

When take out the tiny plants from their pots, be sure to break up the root balls a little bit, just as you would repotting any kind of plant.

Once they’re in place, carefully spoon in some soil around them to help “lock” them in a little better. You can just brush up any spilled dirt debris or dust from leaves when you’re all done.

Finally, find a nice sunny spot for your new plant friends. They will love the light, and their vibrant green colors will shine in all their glory.

Sarah’s DIY terrarium looks just like West Elm’s Brass Base Terrarium.

Brass Base Terrarium

Read more about how Sarah made her terrarium at Interiors by Sarah Langtry.

Sarah offers photos for pretty much every step so you can copy exactly what she did!

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