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11 Inspiring String Art Ideas

11 Best String Art Ideas

String art is one of those creative crafts that you just get better and better at every time you do one. The great part is that you can make something look pretty darn good even your first time out.

If it were a musical instrument, it’d be a piano. Even if you’ve never played one before you can at least press some keys and hear a pleasant sound (unlike a violin or a trumpet, where even the cat clears the room upon your first note!)

So, not only does string art look pretty special, it’s relatively easy to do. And, you have a couple of options:

You can buy some pretty sharp looking string art kits that will amaze your friends. These can get pretty complex.

But if you just want to have a little fun and create a lil’ something nice, you can download string art patterns as printables and get to work right away.

Some colorful string, a few nails and board is all you really need in addition to a string art template to follow.

Below, we highlight a few popular kits and tutorials, from the complex down to the easy and simple “do in a night” variety.

These are just a few of the hundreds of string art ideas out there. But as always, it’s about getting inspired to try one of these or begin your journey on another DIY decor piece for your home.

1. Sunflower String Art DIY Kit

This one is stunning, and the intrigue of the detailed pattern and the colorful string will make you happy and in awe at the same time.

You gotta love full string art kits too: You get the nice, stained board, the “embroidery floss”, the perfectly sized wired nails and an easy-to-use template with helpful instructions.

This sunflower project is put out by String of the Art, which has gotten pretty well-known for its kits and patterns.

High quality stuff here with a company that backs its products should you have any trouble with their supplied materials.

Sunflower string art

Get the Tutorial & Kit:

2. Christmas Tree String Art AND Holiday Gift

It’s never too early to think about Christmas and the holiday season, right?

A simple tree and star string kit tutorial will have you creating your own holiday gifts any time of year, either for yourself or friends and family!


See the DIY Tutorial:

3. Colorful Rainbow “Dream” Word String Art

The word beautiful only begins to describe this colorful string “word” art.

This one will bring you a feeling of contentment every time you see it.

There’s something about embroidery thread and its endless, vibrant colors, especially as used in string art.

You can use as few colors or as many colors as you want, and the results will be nothing short of stunning. Here we see how multiple colors work and blend together gloriously.


See the DIY Tutorial:

4. Elegant Pumpkin and Fall String Art

Clean, modern with a touch of rustic? Whatever you want to call it, string art on white pumpkins is pretty classy.

Of course you can go more traditional fall and/or Halloween and use black thread on a regular orange pumpkin.

If only the pumpkin could last forever!


See the DIY Tutorial:

5. Angelic Snowflake Made with String

Another wintertime string art DIY project. No two string and nail art snowflakes are alike, right? (Well, unless you’re using a printable pattern!).

The bright white of the string just looks amazing against the dark wood board.

snowflake string art

See the DIY Tutorial:

6. BOO! String Style

This just might be one of your favorite Halloween decor pieces to bring out each year.

It’s also a good example of how you can use a canvas frame for string art as well.

7. A String Art “Love Sign” That’s Truly Lovely

Spelling words with string and nails will never get old. It’s just so authentic, especially when you create one that spells the word love.

Notice how the letters are completely filled in, giving this almost a crochet kind of look.

The leaning “O” gives a nice whimsical look against a rustic and complimentary toned background. Creative!

love sign string art

See the DIY Tutorial:

8. Breathtaking Solo Oak Tree String Art

Another hugely popular one from the creative team at String of the Art.  

The use of string with the void as the subject is simply fascinating.

The tree by itself draws you in deeply and makes you think about life, family and Earth.String Art Kit - Tree String Art, Adult Crafts Kit, Arts and Crafts Set, DIY Kit, Crafts Kit, Kits for Adults, All Necessary Crafting Supplies Included in String Art kit
 Oak tree string art patterns

Get the Tutorial & Kit:

9. Huge Rustic Feather String Art

Naturally we have to feature at least one true knock off in this list. A young girl was inspired to do this one on her own after seeing a similar variation of this in a recent Target visit.

The result was pretty good – she and her mom especially liked that she used materials they already had around the house.


See the DIY Tutorial:

10. Deer String Art

A popular subject for string art, a deer or deer head works splendidly as a subject.

And, since it’s outdoorsy, you can venture away from a typical wood board and use a more raw version of wood as it’s found in nature – a slice of tree trunk!


See the DIY Tutorial:

11. Crafty String Art Arrow

Here’s a simple and to-the-point (literally!) project. This is one you can knock out in a matter of an hour or so.

Perfect for a craft night string art idea perhaps?


See the DIY Tutorial:

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