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Stone Coasters- A Gem of an Idea

Nobody wants rings of water set into an heirloom table, and yet most people do not have coasters at the ready for drop in visitors. If they do, the coasters are more than likely ho hum and quite boring. Thankfully the Post Grad in Progress shows us how to put some pizzaz in coasters. You will be proud to bring out these coasters the next time someone drops by.

Post Grad in Progress Anthropologie inspired coasters will have you running for your glue gun to make a set for yourself, and gifts for loved ones that, let’s face it, need a style upgrade. By doing this project herself, she saved a whopping $68, when compared to the set from Anthropologie ringing in at $98.

Her step-by-step instructions will set you on a path to getting the stones, and give you the details on how to make coasters from them. This is a great project for preventing water stains while showing everyone just how stylish you are.

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