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How to Make Good Use of Scrap Wood

reclaimed scrap wood

What happened to the scrap wood from your previous projects? If you kept them, its good since you can now use them for a different role.

However if you never kept them, next time don’t throw them away.

Store them after learning these expert tips on making the best out of scrap wood. Various items add value to the house; however, purchasing or fixing them can be costly; you should rely on the left scrap wood to save you from additional costs.

Wooden Doormat

A lovely wooden doormat will make your door appealing and unique. Unlike other mats, the wooden doormat is usually very easy to clean, no need to vacuum them.

All you do is wipe them with a wet cloth, and you are good to go.

Wooden door mats also provide the advantage of not having to wipe your shoe sole out before you walk into the house; it easily allows dust particles to fall off whenever you step on it.

Making the doormat involves having the woodcut in various pieces of similar shape and size, then paint them with your favorite color or vanish.

The wooden pellets must be assembled on top of the other wood. The assembling can be achieved using glue or nails.

Hanging Shelf

Are you running out of storage space within your living room or bedroom? Well, there is a simple, workable solution depending on how you perceive it.

Wood scraps provide essential material that can help you construct a hanging shelf for your room. The shelf can be made on multiple levels or a single level, depending on your taste.

All you need is a single wood scrap board cut into the appropriate size and ropes; then, you can make a bookshelf, if not a shelf, to place your favorite cactus plant that will also add value to your room.

You can also give your wood pellets a precise edging using a plunge router then smoothen to ensure that it is not too sharp.

When making a hanging shelf, you will discover ideal uses for a plunge router, considering that it’s an excellent tool for both beginners and professionals.

The hanging shelf is not only suitable for the bed and living room; you can use it to store detergents in the laundry room or store some ingredients in the kitchen.

Scrap Wood Wall

pile of cut scrap lumber

Walls can serve as a decoration for your house. Depending on how you use the scrap wood on your wall, you can communicate a vintage and old fashion beauty to your home or room by adding wood scraps to your wall.

Once complete, it will serve as the center of attention to anyone who enters your room. To increase the attraction, you can add some old decoration on top of the scrap wood walls.

A vintage clock or a school medal can serve as the right decoration.

Probably you want to make your wall of fame in the room, the best material to use is scrap wood, then you can carefully curve the names or the events on to the wall followed by a perfect wood varnish to give a golden or silvery taste.

You can also use the remaining wood scrap from your wall of fame to make various wall arts and crafts to match with the taste on the wall.

Dining Table For Your Pets

Pets are usually attention-seeking, mostly cats. On some occasions, they also want to have the feeling of dining on a table.

Well, at least they deserve it for the company, comfort, and security they provide you.

The best way to show some appreciation or show attention to your cat is to make them a perfect pet dining table from wood scrap.

If you have two cats, you can make a table for two, depending on your pets’ number.

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