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Rustic Farmhouse Footstool

Do you ever see old wooden crates when you go to the thrift store or to the flea market? Shelly at thedomesticheart has turned her old crate into a charming footstool with the added benefit of some storage.


This is a simple project with beautiful results. Shelly gives us a simple list of supplies and takes us step-by-step through the process of constructing this little vintage piece. Besides the crate, all you need are wood legs you can purchase from your local home improvement store, metal plates to screw the legs in, a piece of plywood to cover the top of the crate, fabric and batting or stuffing. The wood legs are stained or painted before attaching them to the bottom of the crate.


Because the home improvement store will cut the top piece of plywood for you, no power tools at all are necessary for this project, and it can be completed in almost no time.

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